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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Across The World Seattle recap

TACOMA PREFUNK JULY 1 2017: Modern Times Ice and Weird Elephant

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 30 2017: New Holland Dragon Milk S’mores and the Greenriver Thrillers

TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY JUNE 28 2017: Dr. Breedlove’s IPA and other tastings

Peaks and Pints to host Belgian beer carnivale

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK TUESDAY JUNE 27 2017: Triceratops Strawberry Blonde and the Dusty 45’s

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JUNE 26 2017: Wayne’s World and the All Stars

TACOMA PREFUNK SUNDAY, JUNE 25 2017: Wander Cream Ale and Rachel Baiman, Kareem Kandi and Squeak and Squawk

TACOMA PREFUNK SATURDAY, JUNE 24 2017: Breakside’s Liquid Sunshine before Squeak and Squawk and silliness

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 23 2017: Iron Horse Hopping Hand IPA before Squeak and Squawk

TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21 2017: Hoppy Hour Adventure and the Hunchback

Portland beer festivals, PCT beer and Stone Punk in Drublic

TACOMA PREFUNK JUNE 20 2017: South Park Singing In Our Dreams and a night at The Grand Cinema

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY JUNE 19 2017: Dank IPAs and creative types

South Sound breweries grabbed 32 medals at 2017 Washington Beer Awards

TACOMA PREFUNK SATURDAY, JUNE 17 2017: pirate beer and pirate life

TACOMA PREFUNK THURSDAY, JUNE 15 2017: Pelican Lodge Meeting and Kevin Bacon

TACOMA PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14 2017: Ales for Albatross and music fusions

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JUNE 12 2017: Stoup Please and Thank You IPA and Squeak and Squawk

Tacoma After Party Saturday, Aug. 5

TACOMA PREFUNK SUNDAY, JUNE 11 2017: Duchesse de Bourgogne, Dan Duval and debates

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK SATURDAY, JUNE 10 2017: Loowit Space Panther IPA and awesome events

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 9 2017: Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown and Mr. Hyde

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK THURSDAY, JUNE 8 2017: Avery Twenty Four IPA and surrounded by sea life

Drinking ales to save albatross

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 2017: Brew Five Three and craft beer

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY, JUNE 6 2017: Chuckanut Brewery and swing dance culture film

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JUNE 5 2017: Jason Locking benefit and summer memories

Tacoma Brew Five Three Prefunk

Love For Jason Locking week

TACOMA PREFUNK JUNE 3 2017: Mountain Beer Fest and a weird Mad Max

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 2 2017: Monkey Paw This One Goes to Eleven and Mirrorgloss

TACOMA PREFUNK JUNE 1 2017: Scuttlebutt Lodge Meeting and The Red Elvises

Pike Seafair Summer Ale, Mt. Rainier Pendleton Pale Ale and Portland Beer Week

Peaks and Pints Mountain Beer Fest: Backwoods Brewing Gifford Pinchot Pilsner

TACOMA PREFUNK MAY 31 2017: Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 006 before Le Fomo and The Abides

Peaks and Pints Mountain Beer Fest: Holy Mountain The White Lodge

TACOMA PREFUNK MAY 30 2017: Breakside India Golden Ale before Chris Evans and Witchburn

2 Towns Hop & Stalk cider, Gosefish and Cousin Rick Triple IPA

Peaks and Pints Mountain Beer Fest: Uinta Brewing Cucumber Saison

SUNDAY PREFUNK: Iron Horse Hopping Hands IPA before jazz and high comedians

FRIDAY PREFUNK: Crux [BANISHED] before Tacoma giggles and backyard clatter

THURSDAY PREFUNK: Redhook Tacoma Library benefit plus Tim Meadows

Peaks and Pints Mountain Beer Fest: Dru Bru IPA