Monday, May 21st, 2018

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, MAY 21 2018: Clown Shoes Shoebelation and Black Panther

Ron Swarner


TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, MAY 21 2018: Clown Shoes Shoebelation and Black Panther

PREFUNK: Shmaltz Brewing Co. and Clown Shoes Beer teamed up for the most badass collaboration beer, Shoebelation (11.5%). Shmaltz blends its Jewbelation 11 with Clown Shoes Brewing’s Billionaire Barleywine in Wild Turkey bourbon barrels for more than two months. Shoebelation kicks off with fruit notes from the barleywine, with a mixture of bright American style fruit and deeper dried fruit reminiscent of English barleywines. The finish extends the English influence, with a dark biscuity flavor of old ales, probably contributed by the Jewbelation. It’s more of a strong ale, but would pass as a quality barleywine, too. It’s deep and flavorful and pouring from Peaks and Pints’ Western red cedar tap log.

5 P.M. PARKWAY RANDALL: 7 Seas Brewing has released its Saison du Sept Mers (6.9%) — the brewery’s take on the classic Belgian-style farmhouse ale. Subtle honey-like malt flavors (Pilsner and Pale malts, malted rye and wheat in the grist) yield to a dry finish with minimal Golding and Mt. Hood hop flavor or bitterness. Sean Jackson, directeur du Parkway Tavern, will run the saison through his infusion tube full of fresh ingredients, beginning at 5 p.m.

7 P.M. BLACK PANTHER: Now having earned more than a billion dollars at the global box office, Black Panther is a blockbuster hit beyond anything Disney had prepared for. The lesser-known Marvel character has been catapulted to the forefront of Disney’s Marvel plans. Disney has greenlit a Black Panther sequel with a 2021 planned release. If you haven’t seen the flick you may catch it tonight at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma’s Proctor District.