Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Peaks and Pints Thanksgiving Beer Report 11.23.21


Peaks and Pints Thanksgiving Beer Report 11.23.21

Take advantage of any free time you have this week to get out of the house and enjoy some of the holiday events and activities that kick off in the days ahead. And if you’re stuck in the kitchen preparing that Thanksgiving meal, Peaks and Pints Thanksgiving Beer report 11.23.21 is here. Cheers!

Alaskan Brewing 35th Anniversary: Russian imperial stout brewed with birch syrup and wildflower honey, 9%

Gigantic Brewing Opposites Attract: Collaboration with Sunriver Brewing, this IPA is brewed with Sultana, Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe hops balancing a strong malt bill, 7.2%

Gigantic The International: Inspired by European sidewalk cafes, this stout has notes of rich coffee and caramel, 7.2%

Lumberbeard Brewing Flavor Nuggets: Version 5 is brewed with El Dorado, Mosaic, and Sabro hops for a hazy IPA bursting with lemon lime, melon, and pineapple flavors, 6.8%

Lumberbeard Two Pumps This Time: Pastry stout brewed with vanilla, lactose, and Indaba coffee beans for subtle sweetness followed by a mouthful of roasted coffee and vanilla, 10%

Single Hill Brewing Future Echoes: Future Echoes is back, and this time it’s showcasing Simcoe, Bravo, and experimental hop 17701 from Hopsteiner. This “Bold IPA” leans into the bitterness of a traditional west-coast IPA, while bringing the noise with modern hop flavors of peach, pear, and bitter orange peel, 7%

Single Hill Radiant Slumber: Smoked helles lager brewed with a touch of smoke on the nose, and drinks crisp, clean, and herbal, 4.5%

Wander Brewing IPA Alive: Hazy IPA brewed with large additions of wheat and flaked oats, double dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic hops, and fermented on orange, lemon, and lime zest, 6.4%

Old Schoolhouse Brewery Kief Box: Dank and weed-like West Coast double IPA brewed with massive amounts of Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic cryo hops, 8.5%

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