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Peaks and Pints Tournament of Beer: Northwest Ambers Championship and Party

Peaks & Pints barkeeps Lovettorenan and Monicadriel call the Tournament of Beer: Northwest Ambers Championship Game with the rest of Fellowship.

Peaks and Pints Tournament of Beer: Northwest Ambers Championship and Party

Peaks barkeep Mathrandir helped keep the Fellowship together.

PAPPI THE GREY: The titanic amber throwdown finale is on! Voting for the Peaks and Pints Tournament of Beer: Northwest Ambers Championship Game is live. After three weeks of voting, you have picked the most popular amber and red ales brewed in Washington and Oregon. What began as 64 malt-slinging ambers and reds has been narrowed down to two that were publicly nominated — a number 15th seed in Northern Washington Region and a number 1 seed in Southern Oregon. Hello maltheads! I’m Peaks & Pints co-owner Pappi the Grey and calling this game with me are the barkeeps that helped you navigate your way thought this tournament.

MATHRANDIR: It was an honor to have my mug on this year’s poster and bracket. Thanks again, Pappi the Grey! For more than three weeks, Peaks & Pints challenged 64 of the Pacific Northwest’s best ambers and reds to go Crystal-malt-to-Crystal-malt in a showdown of craft combat. Some fell easily by the wayside, either due to a rogue keg cleaner or simply because they faced a superior opponent. Grain by grain, you voted down to the final four: Triplehorn Folkvang Red and Triceratops Collin James Irish Red from Washington, and Pelican Sea’N Red and Boneyard Diablo Rojo from Oregon. It was do-or-die, win-or-fly, bring-your-best-or-oxidize.

PHAEDRA OF ROHAN: Let’s take a quick moment to recap yesterday’s Final Four before the Championship Game begins.

Friday, April 26, Final Four Northwest Ambers Games results

Phaedra of Rohan and Bilbo Brandon discuss Triplehorn Folkvang Red’s incredible run through the Tournament.


Triplehorn Brewing Folkvang Red (#15 seed) vs. Triceratops Brewing Collin James Irish Red (#10 seed)

PHAEDRA OF ROHAN: A few minutes before the Tournament of Beer polls closed last night the Peaks & Pints staff ran to the Tournament of Beer Lead Statistician, Trish Tolkien. We stood before her with big eyes — a few of us donning Triceratops horns on our foreheads; Aarongorn wearing a tartan skirt. Would number 10 seed Triceratops Brewing Collin James Irish Red epic journey continue? “Wait! Aarongorn yelled. He ran to the remote and called up Jurassic Park movie. “OK!” he yelled again. Huddled around Trish Tolkien, we waited. She reached over to Amber Baggins horned helmet and turned one of the horns upside down. “Pierce County won’t be represented this year,” said Trish Tolkien. “By Thor’s hammer that Viking red ale did it. Triplehorn Brewing’s Folkvang Red’s incredible journey continues.”

Aarongorn and Trish Tolkien will miss their fun banter over Triceratops’ well-played games.

LOVETTORENAN: Deep in our hearts we knew Triplehorn had the network, and frankly the red with peat notes to pull it off, but what a thrill ride it has been. Triplehorn grabbed 62 percent of the vote and is the Tournament of Beer: Northwest Ambers Washington state champion. It battles Oregon today for the trophy and a permanent handle at Peaks through the summer. Skål Triplehorn Brewing! Skål Folkvang Red!


Pelican Sea’N Red (#4 seed) vs. Boneyard Beer Diablo Rojo (31 seed)

BILBO BRANDON: The Tournament of Beer Fellowship calls it the “game of the tournament,” which is hard to argue with since these two delicious Oregon red ales have huge followings and handily beat their opponents. When the last red was poured, and a lead it gave up many times yesterday, Boneyard Beer’s Diablo Rojo grabbed 54 percent of the vote and moves into today’s Championship Game.

PAPPI THE GREY: Are you ready, Monicadriel?

MONICADRIEL: Indeed, Pappi!

Saturday, April 27, Northwest Ambers Championship Game

Peaks & Pints’ Amber Baggins and Pappi the Grey are ready for the Championship Party April 27 at Peaks & Pints.

Triplehorn Brewing Folkvang Red (#15 seed) vs. Boneyard Beer Diablo Rojo (#1 seed)

MONICADRIEL: Welcome to the big dance! The Peaks and Pints Tournament of Beer Championship and Party are a go! Online voting will end at 5 p.m., then will resume at 6 p.m. with live in-house voting at the Tournament of Beer Party inside Peaks & Pints. Ballots will be handed out, which will also serve as raffle tickets for sweet prizes. The live vote will close at 8 p.m., tallied, and the Middle-Northwest amber champion will be announced at 8:30 p.m.

PAPPI THE GREY: What else can be said about these two worthy opponents? This is Washington versus Oregon. This is for lager bragging rights for the entire region.

BILBO BRANDON: Let’s not amber around any longer. Let’s get to voting!


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Thanks again everyone for voting! For those who wish to vote live instead see you at Peaks & Pints tonight!

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