Saturday, January 7th, 2017

SATURDAY PREFUNK: American music paired with Pacific Northwest beer

Ron Swarner


SATURDAY, JAN. 7 2017: South Sound events + craft beer …

Doyle’s Public House + Peaks and Pints = Oregon in the house

Jazzbones + Narrows Brewing = Ring of Fire


Cascade Crescendo, from Portland, Oregon, has been crafting its own brand of bluegrass since 2013. Pulling from their vast range of collective influences, Cascade Crescendo plays original, high-energy bluegrass, jamgrass, and Americana with Hunter White before the mic, Den Beck on blazing fast mandolin, Taylor Skiles thumping bass lines and Harrison Olk going all Scruggs-style banjo with high lonesome harmony vocals. The quartet is as quick with a danceable groove as they are with a somber, thoughtful ballad. Catch the band at 10 p.m. in Doyle’s Public House.

PREFUNK: Barley Brown’s Brew Pub seems to fly under the radar even though it has been operating since 1998 and winning awards at major competitions since 2006, including five medals and small brewery of the year at the 2013 Great American Beer Festival. Perhaps it’s the remote location in Baker City, Oregon. It’s certainly not its delicious hop bombs; Barley Brown’s IPAs, IIPAs and IIIPAs are some of the best in the nation. Anyway, Peaks and Pints digs this brewery. Peaks and Pints has Barley Brown’s four-time North American Beer Awards medalist Coyote Peak Wheat pouring out of our Western red cedar tap log. Drop by and have a couple pints of this refreshing Northwest-style wheat beer brewed with American white wheat and 2-row barley during tonight’s NFL Wild Card game with our Seahawks battling the Detroit Lions.


Hailed by critics and fans as one of the Southern rock heroes in the Northwest, SweetKiss Momma recently returned from its What You’ve Got album tour in Texas to find more accolades for the album in its inbox: Top-10 Albums of 2016 by NorthWest Music Scene and 20 Best Southern Rock Albums of 2016 by Southern Rock Brasil. We’re almost certain this Puyallup band doesn’t have any room in their trophy case for the latest hugs. For the uninitiated, SweetKiss Momma formed in a church without any notion to be a Southern soul rock band. But, as audiences began to embrace them as Southern rock, the band began to embrace the style. Turns out the band fits pretty well in that mold. See trophy case. Catch SweetKiss Momma with Ayron Jones And The Way and Foxy Lemon at 8:30 p.m. in Jazzbones.

PREFUNK: Did you know that most of the active volcanoes on Earth are located underwater, along the aptly named Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean? It’s true. The Ring of Fire stretches for nearly 25,000 miles, running in the shape of a horseshoe (as opposed to an actual ring) from the southern tip of South America, along the west coast of North America, across the Bering Strait, down through Japan, and into New Zealand associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs and volcanic belts and/or plate movements. Scary indeed, but the Ring of Fire IPA is not. Narrows Brewing Company will re-release the beer today. It’s loaded with hops harvested from Ring of Fire locales: Orbit from New Zealand, Summer and Pride of Ringwood from Australia, Sorachi Ace from Japan, Mt. Rainier from Washington and Mt. Hood from Oregon. Narrows also incorporated malted barley from Patagonia, sea salt from Hawaii and Heritage Rice grown by hand from Banaue Philippines. Narrows will also offer Ring of Fire on nitro, through a Randall loaded with roasted chiles and all three in a taster tray.