Saturday, August 8th, 2020

6-Pack of Things To Do: Saturday August 8 2020


6-Pack-Photo-Proctor-Saidewalk-8-8-206-Pack of Things To Do: Saturday August 8 2020

The goal is to reclaim a little space for yourself. We’re all dealing with a lot. There is work to be done, but don’t underestimate the weight of it all. Find a way to do something fun with our 6-Pack of Things To Do: Saturday August 8 2020, even if it’s just a pass or two through a sprinkler on a hot afternoon. Summer isn’t canceled; it’s just not what we expected.

6-Pack-Proctor-Sidewalk-8-8-20PROCTOR SIDEWALK SALE: These days, what with the trendiness of vintage stores and everything looking like it got fished out of a mid-century dumpster, sidewalk sales have sort of gone by the wayside. Sure, it’s super cool to fish around a musty thrift store until you find an old plaid shirt that only has a few cigarette burns, but the Proctor District is a pretty killer place to go, as your crazy aunt might say, “sidewalk sale-ing.” It’s going to take a little social distancing and a mask, but the Proctor District merchants have hauled out the good stuff, many discounted, for their annual Proctor Sidewalk Sale. Be sure to stop by Peaks & Pints after shopping for a couple Narrows Brewing’s Proctor IPAs. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., North 26th and Proctor, Tacoma

6-Pack-Beer-Flight-8-8-20CRAFT FLIGHT: Nothing elicits memories of lazy summertime days quite so well as an orange creamsicle from the ice cream truck. Lucky us — craft brewers and cidermakers were kids once too. They use a few different tools to achieve the vanilla-orange combination beers and ciders. Many use citrusy hops, especially Citra, to impart orange aroma and flavor, though breweries could also use orange zest or orange extract. The addition of vanilla bean or lactose (milk sugar) or both in the brewing process creates the ice-cream impression, and your brain’s hippocampus fills in the blanks until you reach our craft beer and cider lodge for Peaks and Pints Pilot Program: Creamsicle On The Fly. We scream, you scream. 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., Peaks & Pints, 3816 N. 26th St., Proctor District, Tacoma

6-Pack-Mami-8-8-20FARMERS MARKET: Today marks the last day of National Farmers Market Week. And there’s no better way to celebrate than at the Proctor Farmers Market. Mami’s Spicy Ceviche is new to the market. Also, expect to see tomatoes, broccoli, masks, corn, eggplant, peppers (all varieties), masks, summer squash, squash blossoms, salad greens, masks, onions, potatoes and more. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Proctor District, North 27th Street and North Proctor, Tacoma

6-Pack-Amitie-8-8-20WINE OUTSIDE: Kris Blondin and Jack Friis have added a wine window to their Amitie Wine Company next to Fujiya in downtown Tacoma. You may now enjoy Italian whites such as Monte Tondo NV Garganega Frizzante Verona or Palama Verdeca Salento Bianco on their courtyard patio, maybe add some sushi from their neighbor, and chat the afternoon away. 3-8 p.m. Amitie Wine Company, 1130 Broadway, Tacoma

6-Pack-Jim-Meck-8-8-20MUSIC: Musician Jim Meck loves classic rock, but he is very comfortable with jazz standards, classic country, and some current hits. He’s mastered the ability to play intricate bass lines while chording and singing, the result is a full sound that is also very compatible when adding additional musicians. You can discover this talent tonight when he performs Billy Joel’s albums “Cold Spring Harbor” and “Piano Man” on Facebook Live. He’ll perform other cover, play some originals and also take requests. Pair tonight’s show with Stoup Brewing’s Hidden Track IPA from the Peaks & Pints cooler. 6-8 p.m., Staying Home In Tacoma Show Facebook Live

6-Pack-Kids-Circus-8-8-20PIERCE COUNTY FAIR: Out of an abundance of caution, Pierce County and the Pierce County Fair Association have decided to go virtual with the 2020 Pierce County Fair, normally held at Frontier Park in Graham. That’s right, the yearly celebration of rural life, agriculture and good old family values can only be enjoyed online with the Wenatchee Youth Circus at 1 p.m. at “DJ Dancing” at 6 p.m. Browse through the barns and fair departments to see all the ribbons. Don’t forget to answer the People’s Choice Award surveys and to pair the performances with Trap Door Brewing’s Grassroots County Lager from the Peaks & Pints cooler.

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