Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

WEDNESDAY PREFUNK: De Troch Winter Gueuze and surprise stories

Ron Swarner



WEDNESDAY, DEC 28 2016: Tacoma event paired with craft beer …


Whether it’s the ability to nap anytime you please, or living life sans bills and monthly payments, children seem to enjoy many of life’s luxuries — but kids shouldn’t get to have all the fun. B Sharp Coffee House hosts “Something To Tell” storytelling for adults at 6 p.m. Tonight’s theme is “Surprises” — shocking stories and stories coming out of left field, much like if Rosebud, the source of the single happiest memory of Charles Foster Kane’s life, was a New York City hooker.

PREFUNK: It’s the end of December. Let’s have a gueuze! That’s right, a winter gueuze. Yes, gueuzes are typically more of a spring/summer kind of beer, given their light citrusy zing. Brouwerij De Troch, located in Wambeek, Belgium, brews Winter Gueuze flavored with raisins and winter spices. It tastes like grape soda. Seriously. It tastes just like a delicious grape soda. At 5.5%, this beer is more like a hard grape soda. Stop by Peaks and Pints and grab two De Troch Winter Gueuzes out of our cooler. Enjoy one during the college bowl games on our 130-inch screen and take the other home, throw a coat on and barbecue.