Thursday, December 29th, 2016

THURSDAY PREFUNK: Swamp Meat and Lagunitas

Ron Swarner



THURSDAY, DEC. 29 2016: Tacoma event paired with craft beer …


Some 50 years ago, throngs of idealistic youth danced with flowers in their hair for what is still known as the Summer of Love. That singular season spawned a vibrantly creative culture, and helped launch a psychedelic music scene that still resonates today in Seattle band Swamp Meat. The band brings a lazy ’60s feel to their lighter, floral-patterned, psychedelic-tinged garage. Swamp meat joins similar ilk guitarist Talison Crosby and Baywitch for an 8 p.m. at The Valley. Peace.

PREFUNK: Peaks and Pints invites you to a holiday thank you card session, fueled by Lagunitas Brewing Company’s craft beer. Peaks and Pints will provide the cards and pens; Lagunitas will provide the NightTime Black IPA, a dark and deep ditty and may take you to unexpected places with your writing. Peaks and Pints will offer holiday thank you example messages; Lagunitas will offer Aunt Sally, a unique, dry-hopped, sweet, tart, sour mash ale for inspiration as you thank your sweet, tart and sour Aunt Sally. Peaks and Pints will offer napkins to prevent morsels of our delicious sandwiches, salads and appetizers from smearing on your cards; Lagunitas will offer Brown Shugga, a 9.99% strong ale loaded with caramel and toasty malt flavors followed by a citrusy bitterness that will, no doubt, smear your writing. Expect other Lagunitas delights, including the Marin County, California brewery’s well-rounded, highly drinkable IPA. Behold! We have hereby invented a new and strangely wonderful holiday happening, a happy collision of prose and craft beer that should leave everyone smiling. Start thanking at 6 p.m.