Monday, July 2nd, 2018

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JULY 2 2018: Fremont 2017 The Rusty Nail and Life Of The Party

Ron Swarner


TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY, JULY 2 2018: Fremont 2017 The Rusty Nail and Life Of The Party

PREFUNK: Fremont Brewing’s The Rusty Nail begins life as The First Nail, an oatmeal stout of epic proportions with brewer’s licorice, smoked barley, and pale malt and is then aged on cinnamon bark. It becomes the Rusty Nail after spending 15 months in 12-year old bourbon barrels. Peaks and Pints is pouring the 2017 version of The Rusty Nail today. The cinnamon and hot bourbon have mellowed with the chocolate, vanilla, fudge and roasty coffee moving to the forefront. It’s freakin’ delicious.

5 P.M. PARKWAY RANDALL: Thanks to summer’s stronger sunlight and the extra hours in the day to soak it up, you’re more likely to float through the day feeling energized and optimistic. It has to do with serotonin, a hormone that’s been dubbed the “happiness hormone” by Parkway Tavern manager Sean Jackson. According to Happy Jackson, Anderson Valley Summer Solstice is dubbed the “happiness ale.” Anderson Valley makes one of the only cream ales that is also a summer seasonal. Summer Solstice varies remarkably from most of the cream ales in its aggressive use of darker roasted barley. A brilliant copper color in the body and a darker head also show some color from the malt. Slightly sweet but very malty, this brew has an unconventional taste. With hints of caramel in the nose and a touch of spice, it’s become affectionately known as “cream soda for adults”. Happy Jackson will run the Summer Solstice through his tube on fresh ingredients for the ultimate happy refreshment on a happy summer day.

7 P.M. LIFE OF THE PARTY: Melissa McCarthy goes all 1986’s Back to School, with a recently divorced woman joining her daughter at college and in the process rediscovering the joy of living. Yeah, but does she get to make out with Sally Kellerman? Because if you’re going to rip off Rodney Dangerfield, you’d better be prepared to walk that walk. Find out tonight at the Blue Mouse Theatre in Tacoma’s Proctor District.

LINK: On tap at Peaks and Pints today