Monday, August 20th, 2018

TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY AUGUST 20 2018: Fort George 3-Way IPA and Han Solo

Ron Swarner


TACOMA PREFUNK MONDAY AUGUST 20 2018: Fort George 3-Way IPA and Han Solo

PREFUNK: Astoria’s Fort George Brewery has brewed 3-Way IPA since 2013, featuring two different craft brewery collaborators every year. This year, Holy Mountain Brewing Co. and Modern Times Beer shared ideas and techniques with Chris Nemlowill of Fort George Brewery, and after 6.66 people brewed six batches, presto(!) — the final 2018 Fort George 3-Way IPA landed in early June. And it keeps landing. Fort George has continued to brew the hazy IPA with lots of herbal and dank hop notes, green onion, chives and some light tropical notes. Peaks and Pints tapped another keg of 3-Way today with can of it in the cooler.

5 P.M. PARKWAY RANDALL: Want to taste a winner? You can either kiss Parkway Tavern manager Sean Jackson or drink tonight’s “Randall” beer at said tavern. Jackson will run this year’s Tacoma Beer Week Parkway IPA Invitational winning beer, E9 Brewery’s MiniVannin, through his infusion tube full of fresh ingredients? Will he stuff his tube full of Enigma and Simcoe hops? That’s the hop bill for E9’s 6.4 percent award-winning IPA.

7 P.M. SOLO — A STAR WARS STORY: Have you seen Solo the story of young Han Solo? The casting of Alden Ehrenreich as a young Han Solo was met with some concern; then directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were bounced from the project, replaced during shooting by ol’ Opie Cunningham himself, Ron Howard. Whatever. The chief relationships are persuasively sketched, especially between Solo and his wookiee (their meeting is a straight-up highlight) and Solo and his first love, Emilia Clarke’s (eventual) femme fatale Qi’ra. Grab a 3-Way and leap into hyperdrive at neighboring Blue Mouse Theatre.