Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Peaks and Pints Instagram Stalker Aug. 29-Sept. 4

Ron Swarner


Whether you’ve been on Instagram since its beginnings in 2010 or you’re an Instagram neophyte, you know keeping up on important photos can be overwhelming. If you follow everything and everyone you find interesting, you can end up with hundreds and hundreds of Instagram posts showing up in your feed on a daily basis.

Don’t despair. Peaks and Pints shares important and pointless IG posts from craft breweries’ IG accounts every Sunday so you may catch up on pumpkin beers and the latest action along the production line.

This week, guest bartenders, wild yeast, fresh hops and more. Be sure to keep posting those craft beer nestled against cactus photos and be sure to tag @peaksandpints if you’d like a chance to be featured! Cheers!

BACK ON TAP: BROHO BROWN! Come and get it while it lasts. #wabeer #drinklocal #whatcanbrowndoforyou #happyhour4to6

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Picking up our chiller @gdchillers !

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We are keeping the weekend going with a can release of Leggo My Ego and a very special food collab! Beginning at 9 AM, we will be releasing cans of Leggo My Ego, a collaboration beer with Tired Hands Brewing Co. (@tiredhandsbrewing), as well as Welcome Chicken and Donuts (@welcomechickenanddonuts) who constructed waffles that play well with the Belma and Simcoe hops, maple syrup, lactose sugar, and biscuit malt we used in this creative recipe. You heard us right, Welcome Chicken and Donuts waffles were added to the hop back and the wort was ran through them on the way to the fermenter! Limit 2 per person, 32oz cans. Chef's Special: Fried Chicken & Waffles- Waffles (Recipe from Welcome Chicken & Donuts in Phoenix) and fried chicken cutlets served with powdered sugar, maple syrup, and housemade maple BBQ sauce. #AZW3YR #azwbeer

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