Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Peaks and Pints Pulled Pork Pick-N-Pull

Ron Swarner

Peaks and Pints’ barbecue pulled pork sandwich special pairs well with Matchless Brewing’s Pick-N-Pale Pale Ale.

Peaks and Pints Pulled Pork Pick-N-Pull

Peaks and Pints offers a pulled pork and coleslaw sandwich special today. Although this is a relatively simple dish to make, pulled pork has an intense variety of flavors. The savory meat, sweet onions, garlic and orange juice are complex enough, but then the addition of barbecue sauce and coleslaw take the flavor profile to another level. The varying flavors in the sauce, plus the fat from the pork, suggests that the dish needs a contrasting flavored beer. A beer with comparable flavors would get lost in the taste of the pork and be little more than just wet. Perhaps the best pairing choice is a bright and citrusy American pale ale such as Matchless Brewing’s Pick-N-Pull. The strong hops notes dance with the spices of the barbecue sauce, and the malt from the beer matches up with the savory meat. The bright notes of the beer nicely cleanse the palate. Cheers!

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