Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Peaks and Pints pitches potato western and rum porter


Peaks and Pints pitches potato western and rum porter


Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018 — Joe Walsh turns 71 today

Peaks and Pints Weather Guy has today’s weather for Snow Lakes Trail near Snoqualmie Pass.

Today’s Morning Foam was compiled while watching sexy twerk dancing to country music.


Walk it!

BEDROCK, Modern Times Beer: A nitro brown ale combines with Modern Times’ Black House Blend coffee for a creamy, toasty, chocolatey delight. 6.2%

PLANK’D, Avery Brewing: This imperial porter was brewed with coconut then aged in rum barrels for flavors of toasted molasses, caramel, delicious rum barrels and light coconut. 16.2%

SOUTHERN HEMISFUZZ HAZY IPA, Lagunitas Brewing: Brewed in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhhod, this IPA is brewed with oats and a bit of mango puree, giving it a thick and fuzzy look with a juicy snap. Plus, it’s got some über-rare XJA, NI-69,
and Southern Passion hops from South Africa and Galaxy hops from Australia, for an extra Southern Hemisphere-ic hazy hoppiness. 8.8%


With Black Friday quickly approaching it brings with it a handful of beer events that feature various beers that are on the dark side of the spectrum. Modern Times Belmont Fermentorium in Portland will host Black House Black Friday 6(66): The Number Of The House Friday with a crazy list of dark beauties.

While the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, California, wasn’t damaged in the Camp Fire, the fire scorched neighborhoods where many of the brewery’s employees lived. In a powerful letter, founder Ken Grossman announced a nationwide relief effort and invited other breweries to join the cause.

If you’ve stood in a hop field surrounded by lush green curtains, walked into a warm dryer room filled with moist, aromatic air or stood beneath a shower of freshly dried hops, then you know the magic of the hop harvest season. If you haven’t experienced hop harvest in person, Crosby Hop Farm, working with Hopstories, introduces a video of the 2018 hop harvest at the farm in Woodburn, Oregon.


BLACK ’47, The Grand Cinema: In this grave thriller, set in 1847, an Irish Ranger (James Frecheville) deserts from the British Army only to find his homeland decimated by the great famine and his family subjugated by English landowners. The brutal events of this time and place, rarely explored on film. This film earn points for historical accuracy, strong performances and cinematographer Declan Quinn’s brooding atmospherics. 2 and 6:45 p.m., 606 S. Fawcett, Tacoma

BANNED BOOK CLUB, Doyle’s Public House: King’s Books’ unsuitable book club reads books that have been banned or challenged. This month’s book is Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov who is, put simply, a genius of words and a master of storytelling. This most (in)famous masterpiece continues to be banned in several countries and schools across the nation. Known more for its taboo content than its artful prose, it remains a much-debated work. Lolita details the confessions of Humbert Humbert, a handsome and diseased scholar, hopeless prey to the corrupt seduction of nymphism. In short, he is a pedophile. After falling desperately in love with his neighbor’s 12-year-old daughter, the spry and irresistible image of youth, he marries her mother to be closer to her. When the opportunity arises, he takes Dolores “Lolita” Haze with him across the country, holding her captive in the name of love. Discuss. 7 p.m., 208 St Helens Ave., Tacoma