Friday, February 17th, 2023

Peaks and Pints Pilot Program: Modern Times Is Back Flight


An avid homebrewer and former employee at Stone Brewing Co. in Southern California, where he worked in the communications department, Jacob Mckean founded Modern Times Beer in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego in 2013. In addition to being California’s first employee-owner brewery, the craft brewery expanded greatly, with several locations in San Diego County, Los Angeles, Portland, Santa Barbara, Oakland, and Anaheim. All of this is in addition to operating the company’s original brewery and coffee shop in Point Loma. In spring 2021, McKean issued a public apology and announced he resigned as CEO after allegations of harassment and discrimination against members of the craft beer industry. The following January 2022, Modern Times announced its new CEO, Jennifer Briggs, formerly of New Belgium Brewing. In April 2022, less than two months after announcing the closure of half its locations, including Portland, Oregon, San Diego-based Modern Times Beer announced the company’s lender had commenced litigation that would inevitably lead to a court-ordered sale of the craft brewery. Long story short, Maui Brewing acquired Modern Times for $15.3 million, twice as much as their initial bid of $7.62 million. Longer story shorter, Maui Brewing has brought Modern Times back to Washington state and Peaks & Pints in Tacoma. Stop by our craft beer and cider bar, bottle shop and restaurant and enjoy Modern Times again in a to-go flight we’re calling Peaks and Pints Pilot Program: Modern Times Is Back Flight.

Peaks and Pints Pilot Program: Modern Times Is Back Flight

Modern Times Fruitland Gose

4.8% ABV

Modern Times’ Fruitlands series sports the same sour, salty base beer. From there, the brewery adds fruit to give the gose a distinctive flavor. The current version sees a heavy dose of passionfruit and guava for a tropical fruit fiesta.

Modern Times Infinite Patience

6.8% ABV

Infinite patience implies an absolute certainty that what you’d like to manifest will indeed show up, in perfect order, and exactly on time. The immediate result you receive from this inner knowing is a sense of peace. Modern Times’ Infinite Patience is a hazy IPA brewed with Mosaic and Strata hops for notes of passionfruit, blueberry, and citrus over a background of delightful dankness. It’s an extremely chill way to spend a few minutes of your time.

Modern Times Orderville

7.2% ABV, 75 IBU

Modern Times’ Orderville has seen many a recipe change. The current version leads with Mosaic hops with Denali adding strong support. Also, the hazy IPA utilizes oats and white wheat for extra turbidity. The aroma is sweet and tropical fruit focused like a mango banana smoothie. Flavor-wise, this doubles down on mango banana smoothie. Sweetness is just enough to allow the flavors to pop and never comes close to cloyingly sweet like some other New England-style IPAs.

Modern Times Dungeon Map

7.2% ABV

This spectacle of West Coast IPA wizardry was lavished with massive quantities of Nelson, Strata, Mosaic, and Centennial hops. Together, this quartet of lupulin-laden stunners yields a soul-stirring symphony of citrus, stone fruit, and tropical character with just enough pleasantly snappy bitterness to really stick the landing.

Modern Times Pause For Effect

8% ABV

Pause For Effect is a brand new imperial hazy IPA for Modern Times. It’s brewed with Strata, Incognito, Nelson, and Mosaic Cryo.

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