Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock July 6 2019


Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock July 6 2019

Soccer fans, this one’s for you. The FIFA Women’s World Cup finale airs at 8 a.m. tomorrow, and the U.S. team will be playing the Netherlands. In addition, the U.S. Men’s National Team will also be playing at 6 p.m. Sunday against Mexico for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the men’s title of North and Central America and the Caribbean. If you’re looking to tune into both games, as well as find some camaraderie in the community, stop by Peaks and Pints and pair soccer with the craft beer below, as well as many more on draft and in our cooler. Cheers!

Breakside Brewery

THEY’VE GOT THE BEST PEACHES: This is a blend of 2017 and 2018 sour ales that has a lot more going on other than just being sour. The peaches stand out, especially in how they complement the sourness by bringing more depth and complexity, rather than more tartness. The peaches have a citrus fruitiness and a touch of mustiness that melds with the earthiness of the wild fermentation process, taking a little edge off the tartness. This is even more true as this Breakside Brewery sour slowly warms. 6.5%

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

BIANCA BLACKBERRY WILD WILD BRETT: The third in a line of collaborative beers done in partnership with Omnipollo, Crooked Stave’s Bianca Blackberry Wild Wild Brett is fermented in oak foeders with lactose and blackberries from Lynden, Washington. The blackberries come-off rich and jammy with only a mild tartness. The lactose adds a creaminess that rounds-out the full-flavored mouthfeel. 6%

Matchless Brewing

CITRA ENIGMA: Matchless Brewing‘s hazy IPA is loaded with (you guessed it) Citra and Enigma hops. The nose is bright and full of starfruit and fresh citrus. Expect a hop smoothie with notes of honeydew, cantaloupe, and mango. 6.7%

RIGHT KIND OF SMOKE: Fun fact — this is the first beer ever made with Skagit Valley Malting’s newest specialty malt: Copeland pilsner smoked over pecan shells. This helles lager sports a light, drinkable body with forward notes of smoked brisket burnt ends, subtle earth and nuttiness. Think toasty rather than crispy.5%

SUNBREAK: Summer IPA brewed with light malt and all the Pacific Northwest hops — balanced with both bittering and dry hopping. 6.3%