Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 6.30.20


Peaks-and-Pints-New-Beers-In-Stock-6-30-20Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 6.30.20

Here are four new IPA arrivals to the Peaks and Pints cooler. …

Black Raven Brewing

BEAKTWEAKER IPA: We’d totally drink barley and rye malts, citrus hops, black lemon, orange peel, and lemon peel from a bird bath. 6.5%

Narrows Brewing

CHECKLIST: Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer, Pair of Crocs, 700 lbs Bacon, View-Master of Beer Cans Bouncing Of Balls Chug Scenes, Narrows Brewing Checklist hazy West Coast IPA, Skinny Jeans, Poncho, We’re Opening During Phase 3 T-Shirt, Seth Meyers, Fat Freddy Drop Inspired Playlist, Smuckers. 6.7%

Ninkasi Brewing

MEGALODOM: Megalodon sharks (which are now extinct) were whale-sized, measuring in at an estimated 60 feet and 60 tons with 7.48-inch long teeth. Ninkasi Megaldom triple IPA measures 7.405 inches tall and 19.2 ounces with a 10 percent bite.

Offshoot Beer Co.

ESCAPE [IT’S YOUR EVERYDAY WEST COAST IPA]: It’s more lawn chair at San Diego Pine Tree Park than Bellingham Big Rock Garden Park — brewed with Mosaic, Strata, Simcoe, and Amarillo for tropical passionfruit, grapefruit zest, and hints of pine. 7.1%

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