Saturday, June 27th, 2020

Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 6.27.20


Peaks-and-Pints-New-Beers-In-Stock-6-27-20Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 6.27.20

Check out what arrived at Peaks & Pints in the last couple of days. Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 6.27.20 featured breweries include Heathen Brewing, Matchless Brewing, Single Hill Brewing and Stoup Brewing. We also featured a bunch of new craft beer yesterday.

Heathen Brewing

MEGA DANK IIPA: If you don’t drink it, the oozy, residual, sticky hop oil can ignite mountain top fire beacons to announce 4:20 pipe-weed sessions. 8.2%

Matchless Brewing

CITRUS SPLASH IPA: No fruit was harmed in the making of this citrus-forward West Coast IPA with big, dry notes of grapefruit. 6%

RUGHVETE DRY-HOPPED KVEIK PALE ALE: This pale takes its shirt off revealing Triticale and Talisman Pilsner malt from Skagit Valley Malting while hammering with Arianna and Barbe Rouge hops when Norwegian farmhouse-sourced yeast “Loki” enters in earnest. 4.5%

Single Hill Brewing

LATERAL A IPA: Rallied around Sip Magazine and Zeeks Pizza with a pocket full of Experimental hops HBC 586 and HBC 692. A sure shot of citrus and bitter hops, yo. 7%

YACHT PARTY IPA: Aw sh–, get your towels ready it’s about to go down. You’re on a mofo boat dancing with Comet and Chinook hops while straight floatin’ on a guava sea. 7.5%

Stoup Brewing

BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN STOUT: In light of the outcry over the death of George Floyd, San Antonio’s Weathered Souls Brewing Co. is inviting brewers nationwide to participate in its new awareness-raising Black is Beautiful campaign. Stoup did just that, and will donate proceeds to NW Community Bail Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides cash bail for marginalized people charged with crimes who are unable to afford bail.

STOUP IMMEDIATELY IPA: “Stoop tweeting, please! We’re busy! This IPA is hopped with Azacca, Mandarina Bavaria and Cashmere. Stoop immediately, take a deep breath and enjoy,” asks Stoup Brewing.

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