Sunday, May 24th, 2020

Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 5.24.20

Ron Swarner


Peaks-and-Pints-New-Beers-In-Stock-5-24-20Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 5.24.20

For those who are social distancing together, you can still put together a fun, albeit small, Memorial Day event. Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 5.24.20 offers barbecue pairing treats from Aslan Brewing, Block 15 Brewing, Boundary Bay Brewery, Chuckanut Brewery, de Garde Brewing, Fremont Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Matchless Brewing and others. Cheers!

Aslan Brewing

ROCKET FUEL: This mocha horchata brown ale incorporates cacao nibs from Theo, Roaster’s Choice coffee beans from Lighthouse and an industrial-sized batch of horchata. Expect strong coffee and chocolate flavors upfront balance the slightly sweet and cinnamon-y horchata. 7.5%

Block 15 Brewing

IPA: Brewed with a recipe developed over a decade of experimenting with brewing techniques and hop varietals, Block 15 IPA begins and ends with classically unapologetic Northwest hops, which their brewers carefully balance through a progressive approach to hopping, a supportive malt backbone, and a water profile that gently softens bitterness on the finish. 6.5%


Boundary Bay Brewery

NUTWARD BOUND: Boundary Bay Brewery invited their Bellingham neighbor Chuckanut Brewery to brew a California Common-style beer in honor of their 25th anniversary. Brewed with lager yeast and fermented at ale fermentation temperatures, boasts a light fruitiness and toasty malt character with a super crisp finish. 5.9%

Chuckanut Brewery

VIENNA LAGER: This multiple award-winning Vienna Lager is brewed with half Vienna malts creating a delicate amber lager with a slightly caramelized and toasted malt character balanced by a subtle hop presence for hints of yeast, slight herbal, spice and grass hops, finishing sweet and slightly dry. 5.5%

De Garde Brewing

THE MAISON: A wild ale cooled and fermented in a coolship, then blended from three different years of spontaneous wild beer for a nutty yet pungent and down to earth nose, followed by a very balanced acidity that brings hints of green apple and white grape. 5.5%

Fremont Brewing

DAY FLYING COCONUT IPA: This IPA evokes easy living island days with notes and flavors of coconut, pineapple and tropical fruits. 7%

Garden Path Fermentation

BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO, BUFFALO: Garden Path Fermentation invited Olivier Desbiens from Brasserie Thiriez in Esquelbecq, France spent a week at their Mount Vernon brewery last summer to brew a bière de garde inspired barrel blend. Bière de garde is rounder, richer, sweeter, malt-focused French-born saison, with a “cellar” character buts lacks the spicing and tartness of a saison. Garden Path’s version is an easy-drinking, slightly tart and floral beer with oak character, plus hints of marmade, white pepper, and stonefruit. 7.4%

THE WET HOPPED SHIP: Fresh Skagit-grown hops were added to hot wort, which was chilled overnight in a coolship, fermented in an open foudre, blended with barrel aged beer, and naturally conditioned with honey. 5.2%

Georgetown Brewing

MANNY’S PALE ALE: As Georgetown’s flagship beer, Manny’s Pale Ale accounts for a large majority of the Seattle brewery’s production. While it might not be the hoppiest pale ale in the state, it’s crisp, clean, and smooth, with a hint of citrus and a snappy hop finish. It’s the most popular beer in Seattle. 5.4%

Matchless Brewing

ALL FLUFF: Pouring like fresh-squeezed orange juice while huge aromas of ripe pineapple float out of the glass this hazy IPA has flavors of orange and pineapple along with fluffy mango. 6.4%

The Ale Apothecary

SAHALIE: The flagship of The Ale Apothecary, Sahalie grabbed gold at the 2018 Brussels Beer Challenge. It’s brewed with local Oregon barley malt, wheat and last year’s crop of Oregon Cascade hops, which are added to the boil copper for bitterness and dry hopped for a month in oak barrels. Hop bitterness and acid produced by Apothecary house lactobacillus culture provide the balance to the malt and oak structure of the beer, which is aged for a year in oak. Sahalie has a tropical and citrus fruit nose of apricots, pineapple, and orange produced from yeast esters and hop oils. The palate is tart and pithy, combining earthy and herbal undertones that evolve as the beer warms and opens up within your taster glass. 9.4%

SAHATI: Starting with a 200-year old Engelmann spruce tree felled on the brewery’s property, Paul Arney, the mad genius behind The Ale Apothecary, a wild-ferment brewery housed in a cabin in the woods of Bend, Oregon, created his own kuurna (an ancient Scandinavian lauter tun) to separate the wort from the grain during brewing. The bottom of the kuurna is layered with spruce branches; the needles act as a natural filter and impart resinous oils into the wort. The hollowed-out trunk of the tree also contributes spruce essence and structure from the raw wood. Brewed with barley and rye malts, along with a sparing addition of Goschie Farms Cascade hops, Sahati hits the nose with spruce, eucalyptus, wood, citrus, and subtle almond and honey. The flavor follows the nose with subtle alcohol and a speck of mint. 9.58%

THE AP ONE THOUSAND: The Ale Apothacary in a can! It’s a dry-hopped wild ale brewed with Finnish farmhouse brewer Sigmund Gjernes’ kveik yeast, Mecca Grade Estate malt and Goschie Farms Cascade hops. 5%

Wet Coast Brewing

CENTENNIAL SINGLE HOP IPA: One of the classic “C” hops of craft beer, Centennial’s character features predominantly citrus with undertones like lemongrass and pine needles often evident. 6.2%

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