Saturday, May 26th, 2018

Peaks and Pints Craft Beer Cooler Bagging: In Stock May 26, 2018

Ron Swarner


Peaks and Pints Craft Beer Cooler Bagging: In Stock May 26, 2018

When hiking our cooler save room in your backpack for these restocks and new craft beers. …

1918 DUBBEL CENTENNIAL, Atwood Ales: Atwoods Ale’s family farmhouse was built in 1918. This beer marks the Blaine, Washington brewery’s 100th batch, brewed in March of 2018. To celebrate the “hundreds” of accomplishments of both their farmhouse and their brewhouse, the Atwood family brewed this “dubbel centennial” abbey-style ale, using Belgian and Skagit Valley malts, their estate-grown Centennial hops and a fresh pitch of Trappist ale yeast. The result is a malt-forward beer with dark fruit and caramel notes, light fruity esters and phenols, and a light, dry finish. 7.1%, 750ml

BOWLEGGED, Atwood Ales: Brewed in Whatcom County with 100 percent estate hops, 100 percent Skagit Valley malt and 100 percent Skagit Valley blueberries, this sour hit the oak barrels for four months after receiving a Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces and organic blueberry juice from Bow Hill Blueberries bath. 4.2%, 500ml

BROWNTON MORNING, Atwood Ales: A big, balanced, brown ale with roast, toast and caramel flavors from and combination of malts and Bellingham Coffee Roasters cold brewed “Bellingham Bay Blend.” 7.1%, 500ml

BRAUPAKT HEFEWEISSBIER, Weihenstephan/Sierra Nevada Brewing: The fruity peach and apricot hefe is a collaboration between Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest brewery, and Sierra Nevada. Brewmasters from the two breweries spent the better part of 2017 on recipe development, ultimately creating the fruity-hoppy Braupakt, brewed with the Hallertauer Tradition hop and refined with American West Coast Amarillo and Chinook hops.

ELECTRIC LETTUCE, Moonraker Brewing: Moonraker Brewing Co. opened a couple of days before Earth Day 2016 in a nondescript commercial warehouse in rural Auburn, California. Owners Karen and Dan Powell give a damn about the environment. For instance, there are solar panels on the brewery’s rooftop. They espouse a net-zero energy goal, and their brewing system is powered with renewable electricity. Anyhoo, their Electric Lettuce New England style double IPA hopped with Mosaic and Citra. This beer is bursting with big citrus flavor and a touch of melon. It’s one big juicy double. 8.5%, 16oz

HEMPEROR HPA, New Belgium Brewing: Hemperor HPA (Hemp Pale Ale) is a THC-free pale ale brewed with fragrant oils extracted from hemp plants. While craft brewers have experimented with hemp seeds before, the Hemperor is noteworthy as the first craft beer made with hemp terpenes — organic compounds that give cannabis its signature aromas. New Belgium’s Research and Development Brewer, Ross Koenigs, has been perfecting the revolutionary process for the past two years combining fruity, tropical, herbal and slightly skunky notes from the hemp with floral Cascade and piney Simcoe hops. 7%, 12oz

HAZY DUZ IT, Moonraker Brewing: This ultra juicy NE DIPA gets blasted with massive amounts of Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops. Big apricot, mango, passionfruit, floral and citrus hop flavors and aroma’s shine over a soft bread malt character. 8.5%, 16oz

HEFEWEIZEN, Occidental Brewing: Occidental offers Northwest hopheads something truly refreshing: crisp, sparkling German-style suds. It’s Hefeweizen makes one want to throw on a pair of lederhosen over his or her flannel. If you like wheat beer — heck, even if you hate it — you must try this sweet, banana- and clove-scented hefeweizen. 4.7%, 16oz

PILSNER, Occidental Brewing: This is a largely Bohemian-style pilsner with a bit of a Bavarian pedigree. Crisp, clean and dry. Czech hops crown this beautiful beer. 4.8%, 16oz

RASPBERRY SPIFFY, Hi-Wheel Fizzy Wine Co: Made with non-GMO ingredients that’s rated naturally gluten-free and vegan, this fizzy wine has flavors of raspberry and lemon zest. 6.5%, 500ml

ZULU HAZE, Moonraker Brewing: It’s a New England style IPA with a simple grain bill and a significant portion of flaked oats. Simcoe and Citra hops work in harmony for huge flavors and aroma’s of evergreen, melon, guava, citrus, and passion fruit. 7%, 16oz

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