Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Peaks and Pints Beer Parade 3.8.20


Peaks and Pints Beer Parade 3.8.20

Live from the Proctor District in Tacoma, Washington, it’s Peaks and Pints Beer Parade. Did you spring forward? A few Peaks & Pints bartenders didn’t! The Beer Parade must go on! These Peaks & Pints bartenders are parading their favorite beers in the building before hundreds of happy folks.

Today, our grand marshal is Mike Besser, Top Rung Brewing sales executive and longtime beer booster at You might have spotted former football player Besser wearing a keg costume at a beer festival, slinging craft beer for Top Rung in Lacey, or chatting up movers and shakers in the craft beer world. Either way, Besser is definitely a beer dude about towns.

Looks like Phaedra has Mind The Gap! IPA by Reuben’s Brews. This bright and crisp IPA is brewed for Pacific Northwest adventures. It’s highly drinkable, with big grapefruit and citrus flavors, and a refreshing finish. Watch your step Phaedra!

Here comes Joe Dumbledore with Loowit’s Druid – Playbook Handbook series milkshake IPA. Yes, indeed, The Players Handbook Series is back for a fifth release, this time delivering the magic of tropical African-origin hops. African Queen and Southern Passion hops are paired up with Kveik yeast in a milkshake hazy IPA to deliver an intense, full bodied, low bitterness hop experience of unparalleled charisma. Where’s Harry, Joe?

Boing! Boing! Bethany! Bitsier & Bobsier IIPA by Reuben’s Brews! It’s the imperial version of the Seattle brewery’s popular Bits & Bobs IPA. Bounce on Bethany!

Apparently it’s Baerlic Brewing Punk Rock Time for Fuzz. The Portland brewery calls it a “dry California style IPA.” It kicks ass with tropical fruity and pine notes. Rock on Fuzz!

Next up is Spenser with Firestone Walker’s Peachy Bones Wild Ale. California white peaches from Sanger, California are fermented with a Brett’d saison that has been maturing four months in French oak barrels. The synergy between fresh peach, wild microflora and oak components create a bright white peach flavor mingling with spicy yeast and oak aromas. Peachy keen!

Oh, boy. Nicole has the new Seven Peaks Hard Seltzer from Avid Cider Co. It’s made with mountain source hard seltzer water from the Cascade Watershed with no added artificial sweeteners or flavorings. Extreme close-up!

Parading by is Matt. Wait a minute! That’s not Matt. That’s Mitchell! That Hair of the Dog strong ale is strong, indeed.

Justin, once again, brings up the rear. Wait! That’s not Justin, but rather our friend Mike Bosold with the appropriate Ninkasi Galaxy Trippin’ IPA. Heal fast Mike!

These beers and cider are in our cooler to parade around your house. Cheers folks!

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