Thursday, May 13th, 2021

Morning Foam: Seattle Beer Week Flight, Brewery Shots, and more


Morning Foam: Seattle Beer Week Flight, Brewery Shots, and more

Thursday, May 13 2021 – Good Morning Foam: Seattle Beer Week Flight,  Brewery Shots, and more. BTW, Harvey Keitel turns 82.


The co-founder of the Baskin-Robbins, Irvine Robbins, got his start in Tacoma in 1927. He sold ice cream and cottage cheese produced from his father’s cows’ surplus milk.


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>>> A handful of Seattle area breweries are stepping up to host Pop-Up COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Friday, May 14.

>>> New School Beer asked Trevor Rogers, head brewer/co-founder/co-owner of de Garde Brewing in Tillamook, Oregon, what beer made him.

>>> Beervana went on a secret mission at Sean Burke’s new brewery, ForeLand, in McMinnville, Oregon.

Peaks and Pints Pilot Program: Seattle Beer Week

Breweries continue to pop up in Seattle like spring flowers, even during these rough times. There are now nearly 200 breweries in Seattle that are making craft beer. In addition, more than three quarters of the nation’s hops are grown in Yakima Valley near Seattle, and the clear mountain water also plays a roll in bumping up the quality of the beer. Seattle has a significant population of science and tech types — useful for both the nature of brewing and the financial capital needed to open a brewery. Seattle also has a strong support-local-business culture. Craft brewers operate by a “rising tide lifts all boats” mantra. Seattle’s craft-beer scene is alive and bubbling with activity, especially now during Seattle Beer Week, which runs through May 16. While it’s not as loaded with events as years past, it’s still a time for reflection and tasting. In celebration of Beer Week 2021 and American Craft Beer Week, Peaks & Pints presents a to-go flight of craft beer brewed in Seattle — a flight we call Peaks and Pints Pilot Program: Seattle Beer Week.

Reuben’s Golden Gardens

4.7% ABV

In 2012, Adam and Grace Robbings opened Reuben’s Brews in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Apparently an award-winning homebrewing career can transfer into an award-winning professional brewing career as they the state’s most awarded craft brewery, including USBTC Grand National Champion Golden Gardens PNW Ale golden ale. It’s bright, crisp, and easy.

Fair Isle Alexandra

4.7% ABV

Geoffrey Barker and Andrew Pogue met as members of the North Seattle Home Brew Club. They both love saisons and sours. They traveled to mixed-fermentation guru Jester King in Austin, Texas, where they added to their friendship circle. With the help of Jester King, Barker and Pogue opened Fair Isle Brewing in January 2020 focusing on mixed-culture and wild beers, such as saisons, grisettes, bier de garde, farmhouse and American-style sour beers. Their Alexandra saison is brewed with fireweed for notes of green tea, herbs and a hint of citrus.

Fremont Ollie IPA

7% ABV, 70 IBU

Long-time environmentalist, community organizer and homebrewer Matt Lincecum kegged his first Fremont Brewing beer in August 2009. Today, Fremont is regarded as one of the best craft breweries in the state. Ollie IPA, the newest addition to Fremont’s rotating IPA series, is an experimental hazy IPA bursting with juicy tropical and citrus flavors delivered by a hand-selected blend of Citra, Simcoe, Chinook, and Mosaic hops.

Future Primitive Indie Flip IPA

6.8% ABV

Future Primitive Brewing opened in December 2018 in the former home of Big Al Brewing in White Center. The ownership group includes Mike Baker of Artisanal Imports, Dean Hudgins and Ian Roberts of The Pine Box, former Elysian brewer Kevin Watson and Larry Soloman. Brewed with Citra, Cashmere, and Galaxy Hops, their Indie Flip IPA hits the notes with hops, followed by a slightly malty flavor with hoppy, grassy, bitter finish.

Stoup Easy A IPA

6.4% ABV, 56 IBU

Scientist Brad Benson and foodie Lara Zahaba opened Stoup Brewing in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood in 2013. Washington state’s first female Cicerone, Robyn Schumacher, became Stoup’s third partner, assisting Benson in the brewing room. Their Easy A IPA is brewed with Galaxy and Simcoe hops for aroma and flavor chock-full of guava, citrus, and a bit of pine. The fruit carries to the finish begging another taste.

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