Monday, March 11th, 2019

Morning Foam: Booming Rollers, Alesong & Friends, Lounder Than A Randall


Morning Foam: Booming Rollers, Alesong & Friends, Lounder Than A Randall


Monday, March 11, 2019 — Lisa Loeb turns 51 today!

Peaks and Pints Weather Guy has the forecast for the Olympic National Park today.


BOOMING ROLLERS, Modern Times: To Peaks and Pints, Booming Rollers was named after those big, slow building, yet totally cruiseable waves that are perfect for longboarding. Only in this case, those easygoing sets are chest-high waves of Citra, since that’s exactly how Booming Rollers IPA goes down. It was a mellow longboard ride that kept giving juicy bottom turns and tasty edge cuts, until we reached the shore. 6.8%

CAPTAIN OF THE COAST, Pelican Brewing: Captain Of The Coast is back on watch after time spent in Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey Barrels. Pelican’s award-winning MacPelican’s Wee Heavy emerged recognizably Wee Heavy, but with added notes of chocolate covered cherries, toasted oak, spice and vanilla in the aroma. The first sip produces flavors reminiscent of malted milk balls and crème brûlée with a silky smooth mouthfeel. Sail with the Captain and you’ll find dried apricots, sherry-like flavors and dark marmalade. 9.5%

HARVEST RED, Métier Brewing: An American amber brewed with Fuggles and UK Golding hops for light and balanced maltiness with notes of caramel and roasted nut. 6.24%


The second installment of Alesong & Friends returns on Saturday, March 16th to Alesong Brewing & Blending in Eugene, Oregon. Last year during Eugene Beer Week, Alesong Brewing brought together a few of its friends in the brewing industry to be part of its first Alesong & Friends. This year’s lineup is just as impressive, if not better.

The Iron Maiden song “Sun and Steel” was inspired by the life of Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi. That inspiration continues, this time in the form of the “Sun and Steel” saké lager, the latest addition to the band’s line of signature Trooper beers.

Brewery Ommegang will release a new Game of Thrones themed beer, “For The Throne,” in time for the Season 8 premiere Sunday, April 14. It’s a 9.5 percent ABV golden ale being described as a “delicate yet complex” blend of Pinot Grigio and Viognier grape juices.

Game of Thrones beer, the only drink you need for Season 8


EVERYBODY KNOWS, The Grand Cinema: A review of Vanilla Sky once described Penelope Cruz as having mastered the hair toss as an acting technique. It wasn’t Peaks and Pints review, mind you: We’re not that funny (as you have certainly noticed). Eighteen years later, she’s still flipping her tresses all over the screen and getting paid for it, currently in the role of a mother whose child is kidnapped during a family wedding. Yes, there are worse things than the chicken dance, and this one should be enough to get Spanish dandruff flying all over the place. 5:15 p.m., $5.50-$8, 606 S. Fawcett, Tacoma

ROCKAROAKE, Jazzbones: In the early ’70s, a Japanese musician by the name of Daisuke Inoue invented the first ever karaoke machine. The name karaoke comes from a combination of the word Kara (meaning empty) and Okesutora (meaning orchestra). However, even Daisuke’s Sadist ass couldn’t have fathomed what you can experience tonight at Jazzbones. Rockaroake is the brainchild of George Aragon and Rusty Urie, formerly of Hit Explosion, who employ a rotating group of local musicians to feed their live band karaoke night. While there have been a few bars that have tried hosting karaoke nights with live bands, Jazzbones’ Rockaraoke live band karaoke is one of the ones that has lasted. 7 p.m., no cover, 2803 Sixth Ave., Tacoma

LOUNDER THAN A RANDALL, Parkway Tavern: Write253 is a literacy arts organization that seeks to encourage young people in Tacoma and Pierce County to express themselves through writing, performance, and publication. The organization hosts Lounder Than A Bomb — the Tacoma Teen Poetry Festival full of workshops, community building, and a poetry slam open. Tonight, the Parkway Tavern converts its weekly Monday Randall Night into a fundraiser for Lounder Than A Bomb. Perform some poetry, drink some beer and have fun knowing 50 cents from each beverage goes toward the cause. 6-10 p.m., 313 N. I St., Tacoma