Monday, August 5th, 2019

Monday Cider Flight and a Movie: Yesterday


Peaks-and-Pints-Cider-Flight-TacomaMonday Cider Flight and a Movie: Yesterday

Apple Records is a record label founded by the Beatles in 1968 as a division of Apple Corps Ltd., which is ironic for this week’s Peaks and Pints’ Monday Cider Flight and a Movie. Our neighbor Blue Mouse Theatre screens Yesterday, the story of Jack Malik who is a real nowhere man, sitting in his nowhere land, which happens to be the seaside resort town of Clacton-on-Sea, England. Working as an underappreciated part-timer at a wholesale warehouse and struggling to write and perform music in his free time, Jack makes all his nowhere plans for nobody. Then, a power outage momentarily darkens the world. Malik is thrown from his bike and bangs his head and, presto, a star is born. He soon recognizes he’s the only one who remembers the Beatles. When he strums a Fab Four tune, people gaze in awe. Faster than you can say “Revolution,” he’s reaping the rewards of global Malikmania. Enjoy Peaks and Pints’ Monday Cider Flight and a Movie: Yesterday centered on a 7 p.m. film start at the Blue Mouse.

Seattle-Cider-Dry-Cider-TacomaSeattle Cider Dry Cider

6.5% ABV

Made primarily from culinary/table apples modern ciders are generally lower in tannin and higher in acidity. Seattle Cider delivers delicious modern ciders. With zero percent residual sugar, its Dry is a very dry cider in a classical style. The dryness doesn’t equate to a lack of flavor, however, as it still has a refined apple nature underlined by notes of stone fruits and a light tickle of lilac on the nose. It’s a cider that can stand alongside one of our roast beef sandwiches without losing the flavor battle.

Herbs-Double-Stroke-TacomaHerb’s Double Stroke

6.5% ABV

After suffering two heart attacks, 53-year-old Primus drummer Tim “Herb” Alexander opened Herb’s Cider in Bellingham, Washington. He knew he needed a change. Herb’s Cider is made with 100 percent organic Washington apples, and guided by Chris Weir, formerly of Finnriver Cidery and Port Townsend Brewing. Double Stroke (yes, all the ciders have a drum theme) is the cidery’s dry offering.

Winsome-Apricot-Hop-TacomaWinsome Apricot Hop

6.1% ABV

At Winsome Ciderworks their goal is to create welcoming and easy-to-drink ciders, and share them with everyone. While they take their cider making seriously — and apply over 20 years of wine making experience to creating their ciders — they always keep their products approachable. The Woodinville cidery’s Apricot Hop is lively blend of apricot, and citrus flavors on the palate, finishing with subtle hop notes.

Bad-Granny-Rainier-Cherry-TacomaBad Granny Rainier Cherry

7.2% ABV

If the teacher/guru guiding you through it makes you feel small, or stupid, or confused, or demands endless flattery or physical attention, as the bad guru make themselves appear more powerful and closer to the divine than you can ever be, run away. For that is most certainly not enlightenment. If the Bad Granny Hard Cider offers you Rainier Cherry Cider made with Pacific Northwest juicy Rainier cherries that imparts subtle notes of sweetness to the bright and perfectly balanced cider, then don’t run away. Bad Granny Rainier Cherry is enlightenment.

Alpenfire-Spark-TacomaAlpenfire Spark!

8.9% ABV

Port Townsend cidery Alpenfire creates Spark, a sparkling cider with an unique blend of organic heirloom apples. Varietals grown in Sequim, Washington, such as Melrose and Winter Banana make up 80 percent of the blend while Alpenfire’s estate Brown Snouts, Foxwhelp and Vilberie apples round out the last percent and help give this cider a nice astringent finish.