Monday, February 13th, 2017

Matchless Brewing on the move, long beer lines and Valentine’s Day beer

Block 15 Love Potion #9 is a sweet stout, brewed with chocolate and black cap raspberries, exactly what many of us think of V-day gift boxes.

MORNING FOAM FOR MONDAY, FEB. 13 2017: A seven-taster flight of craft beer news, from the fluffy head all the way to the bottom crazy task. …

After months of operating and trucking beer between two locations, Matchless Brewing owners Grant Bolt and Patrick Jansen are ready to move into their own brewhouse, cold storage and retail tasting room in Tumwater.

Maui Brewing Company is finalizing details on partnering with Monkey Rum, a portfolio of barrel aged, naturally sourced, award-winning premium rums to produce a very limited edition of barrel-aged craft spirits. The 2017 collaboration will consist of a Maui Brewing Company beer aged in Monkey Rum barrels, and then a limited release of Monkey Rum aged in those same barrels after they’ve soaked up their Maui goodness.

Throw on some Barry White, and enjoy a beer-soaked Valentine’s Day.

The agreed line is that craft beer is a resoundingly good thing. And that working in the industry means you’re the luckiest person alive. Yet what happens when someone’s goodwill or eagerness to be part of it is exploited beyond all reasonable limits? Kerry McBride peers beneath the veneer of the industry and finds examples of employers pushing their staff — or volunteers — beyond breaking point and asks what people can do if their craft beer dream starts turning sour.

Addressing a round table of brewers from as near as Texas and as far afield as New Zealand, Brian Grossman, Sierra Nevada’s vice president, offered up an assessment of the brewing business that stood contrary to every cheerleading manifesto published over the course of the last decade: “We all know it’s a dying art.”

11-hour line for a new ale? Fans wait, breweries worry.

Is it possible to drink at every single brewery in one state in just one day? Yes. Here’s how to do it — and survive.