Monday, February 13th, 2017

Craft Beer Crosscut 2.13.17: A Flight of Breakfast

Ron Swarner


Beer. It’s what’s for breakfast.

We know what some of you are thinking. Beer for breakfast, Who does that? But the true advocate of craft beer knows there is nothing quite like waking up, making scrambled eggs and bacon and cracking open 22 ounces of your favorite brew.

Beer for breakfast? Who are we to judge? Enjoy our Craft Beer Crosscut 2.13.17: A Flight of Breakfast.

Lost-Coast-Tangerine-Wheat-TacomaLost Coast Tangerine Wheat

5.5% ABV, 15 IBU

For those of you who want a light and cheerful beer, Lost Coast‘s Tangerine is your best bet — but you better like tangerine. Tangerine Wheat combines the California brewery’s Lost Coast Harvest Wheat with natural tangerine flavors. It’s brewed with a combination of wheat and crystal malts and finished with Perle hops. This candy-scented wheat beer is crisp, clean and refreshing. Try mixing it with orange juice for a beer mimosa.

American-Oatmeal-Stout-TacomaAmerican Oatmeal Stout

6.2% ABV, 30 IBU

Oatmeal is one of our favorite breakfast foods, that’s why is only fitting to have American Brewing‘s oatmeal stout on the list. Brewed with both barley and oats, it has a rich, creamy feel, with an earthy flavor and a mild chocolate finish.

Bale-Breaker-Dormancy-TacomaBale Breaker Dormancy

7.7% ABV, 55 IBU

Substitute your cup of Joe for this breakfast stout. This beer packs a breakfast punch with its intense roasted coffee flavor and rich chocolate notes. Bale Breaker achieved the freshly-brewed espresso taste by conditioning this imperial stout on locally-roasted coffee beans from Yakima’s Lincoln Avenue Coffee Co. If you love coffee you will love this beer. It’s filling and complex but will leave you wanting more.

Founders-Breakfast-Stout-TacomaFounders Breakfast Stout

8.3% ABV, 60 IBU

Founders awoke early and brew this stout with flaked oats, chocolate, and two kinds of coffee beans. This imperial stout pours jet-black with a thick, tan head that strongly resembles latte foam. In fact, coffee really shines through in this beer, giving off a strong aroma of fresh roasted beans, caramel and roasted malt. If you like your coffee black and your beer before noon, this is the perfect way to start the day.

Ballast-Point-Grapefruit-Sculpin-TacomaBallast Point Grapefruit Sculpin

7% ABV, 70 IBU

Ballast Point accentuates the grapefruit to the nth degree, while still retaining Sculpin’s fruity underpinning. Wake up to a grove-fresh fragrance, like Florida distilled into a 5-ounce serving. The grapefruit’s tartness turns Sculpin into a tangy thirst-quencher, a neat trick for a beer boasting a substantial 7 percent ABV. The arranged marriage of citrus and bitterness makes this beer perfect for pairing or substituting for your favorite grapefruit brunch treat.