Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Fresh Hops Oktoberfest Blues

Ron Swarner


Fresh-Hops-Oktoberfest-BluesFresh Hops Oktoberfest Blues

Fresh-hopped beer is an ephemeral thing, arriving only during hops harvest season, with its piney, citrusy taste and delicate fizz. Fresh hop festivals abound in the Northwest, but Peaks and Pints’ The Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest is the only month-long fresh hop celebration paired with Oktoberfest beers. We’re pouring bright, hop-hazy fresh-hop beers, just hours from field to kettle and mere days from the fermenter to your glass AND drink to your health, clean, hearty Oktoberfest-style lagers from Germany and nearby. We’ll wager our pretzel bread sticks you’ll drink both.

Since Sept. 12 marks the death of Johnny Cash in 2003 we dedicated today’s The Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest to the Man In Black. Johnny Cash was pure America: a giant of a songwriter, an encyclopedia of American music, and — with guitarist Luther Perkins, bass player Marshall Grant and producer Sam Phillips — helped invent the Sun sound. Fiercely independent, Cash embraced the anti-Vietnam war movement, sang with Dylan, bonded with prison culture and the underclass. Cash’s work embodies both the American spirit and those left out of the American Dream with heart and wisdom. Enjoy his music as you enjoy:

Two Beers Brewing Fresh Hop IPA

Double Mountain Killer Red

Paulaner Brauerei München Oktoberfest Bier

Chuckanut Brewery Dunkel Lager

For more information on The Hunt For Fresh Hoptoberfest, click here.