Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY, SEPT. 12 2017: Fat Head’s Head Hunter and Tightwad Tuesday

Ron Swarner

L.A. touring band Brain Dead will rock Jazzbones tonight.

TACOMA PREFUNK TUESDAY, SEPT. 12 2017: Fat Head’s Head Hunter and Tightwad Tuesday

PREFUNK: Fat Head’s, which started out as a restaurant in Pittsburgh in 1992, opened a production facility in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, in 2009. In November 2014, Fat Head’s entered Portland’s Pearl District with Mike Hunsaker running the brewery operation. The brewery has received national acclaim for its brews, especially its Head Hunter IPA, which has grabbed nine medals at major craft beer competitions around the world. Head Hunter is golden in color, with a light, thin head. On the nose, there’s an immediate citrus aroma. That citrus flavor continues in the beer’s taste, with a subtle, subdued pineapple flavor coming through, and a pine-y aftertaste emerges on the back end once consumed. Touting its aggressive hoppiness, Head Hunter’s bitterness isn’t overpowering, but is impactful and accents the overall citrus flavor well. The beer flows from Peaks and Pints’ Western red cedar tap log.

6:30 P.M. GRIT CITY THINK & DRINK: Every second Tuesday of the month The Swiss Restaurant & Pub hosts the University of Washington Tacoma Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences’ “Grit City Think & Drink” gathering where folks can learn about cool thinks while getting their drink on. Tonight, Jennifer Harris, ph.D in Clinical Psychology discusses plea-bargaining. Ninety-seven percent of federal cases are settled by plea bargain. Plea bargains were almost unheard of prior to the Civil War. Only in its aftermath, as waves of displaced Americans and immigrants rolled into cities and crime rates climbed, did appellate courts start documenting exchanges that resemble the modern practice. The plea became a release valve for mounting caseloads.

9 P.M. TIGHTWAD TUESDAY: Mary Mart hosts “Tightwad Tuesday’s Metal Thrashin Tuesday” every, well Tuesday, at Jazzbones. Tonight, check out BRaIN DEaD, Railgun, Out The Hate and Stop Don’t Stop for free with $2 wells, beers and tacos.