Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Figurehead Brewing to open, Beercycling coming to Oregon …

Figurehead Brewing Co. opens in Seattle Friday, Sept. 2.

MORNING FOAM FOR WEDNESDAY, AUG. 31 2016: A seven-taster flight of craft beer and cider news, from the fluffy head all the way to the bottom gunk. …

Figurehead Brewing will become Seattle’s 60th brewery when it opens in the Magnolia neighborhood Friday, Sept. 2.

Fresh off its 6th year “getting you from Pint A to Pint B” around Europe, Portland-based Beercycling introduces a new Oregon Beerway tour, kicking off in May 2017 and feature 5-days and 4-nights cycling between Portland and Hood River.

The hot weather kicked in right in time for the end of summer, but was late in the growing season for hops. That’s good news for hundreds of craft breweries in Oregon and Washington, and for people who like a full-bodied flavor in their beer.

Seattle Cider Company has collaborated with Seattle organic raw juice company Strawberry Moon Juice Co. to release the Golden Tonic cider remedy, a blend of Strawberry Moon’s cold-pressed carrot, ginger and lemon juice with Seattle Cider’s Three Pepper and Dry ciders. The result is a mouthwatering, thirst-quenching beverage with the tingle of a cider and the smoothness of a fruit juice.

A team of Scottish brewers recently delivered a present to the U.S. Presidential candidates. Their beer, Smoke & Mirrors from Innis & Gunn brewery, is apparently brewed with a “truth serum” to, “ensure no lies will pass the drinker’s lips after the first sip.”

Beercation: Through the hard work of politically active brewers, civic-minded legislators, a forward-thinking governor who looks out for small business and independent entrepreneurs, and new laws built to support the brewing industry throughout the state, New York is reclaiming its beer heritage, and the heart of that reclamation effort beats in the center of the state, in an area they’ve recently dubbed “Brew Central New York.”

How much beer does Futureama’s Bender need to survive a day? The math.