Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

6-Pack of Things To Do: Tuesday June 22 2021


6-Pack of Things To Do: Tuesday June 22 2021

Peaks & Pints is not entirely certain this actually is happening. We have a sneaking sense it was all a hotly vivid, hallucinatory fever dream, a desperate concoction wrought by 90-degree temperatures and fervid hoping and a bit too much barleywine — despite the fact this 6-Pack of Things To Do: Tuesday June 22 2021 is right here, with local events and a beer flight (natch). We never thought it would be back this week, or maybe ever again, for various unimportant reasons. What a miracle. Deep pranams to all who are reading this. Let’s do it again tomorrow, shall we? We’re almost certain it’ll actually be here, that it won’t be an ecstatic fever dream. Then again, that’s all it ever really is, no?

MARKET DAY: In addition to baking everyone’s brains and giving transplants a reason to second-guess their decision to move here — life goes on, but with more utility belts loaded with frozen water bottlers. The Tacoma Farmers’ Market — Eastside will open for business like it does every Tuesday. Produce vendors, bakers, cupcake makers, jam peddlers, jewelry creators, and others sell to sell their goods on East McKinley. And don’t worry about dinner — food trucks park their mobile kitchens at the market for your dinnertime enjoyment. 3-7 p.m., 3500 McKinley, Tacoma

BEER FLIGHT: Formed in 2003, the Hop Breeding Company, or HBC, is a joint venture between John I. Haas and Yakima Chief Ranches. It’s a match made in hop heaven as they have released HBC 394 (Citra), HBC 369 (Mosaic), HBC 366 (Ekuanot), and the focus of our beer flight today, HBC 438 (Sabro). Released in 2018, Sabro is an aroma hop that is notable for its complexity of fruity and citrus flavors. It imparts distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, and stone fruit aromas, with hints of cedar, mint, and cream. Sabro’s pedigree is the result of a unique cross pollination of a female neomexicanus hop. With a robust brewing performance, Sabro proves to be a strongly expressive hop that translates its flavor incredibly well into beer. Pick up or to-go flight Peaks and Pints Pilot Program: Sabro Hop On the Fly, and discover the goodness yourself. 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., 3816 N. 26th St., Basecamp Proctor, Tacoma

FILM: Director Mariem Pérez Riera’s definitive documentary on everything that has colored Puerto Rican goddess Rita Moreno’s worldview in nearly nine decades, Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It, screens three times at The Grand Cinema today. Moreno, one of the greatest performers — Latina or otherwise — ever to devour our screens with her scintillating talent, comes clean on gender violence and ethnic discrimination as they relate to her experiences. 2:15, 4:45, and 7 p.m., 606 S. Fawcett, Tacoma, $6.50-$11

BINGO: Stop by Rainier Growlers to pick up your cards for their Bingo & Brews tonight. As always this event is live and online, so you can either play in their South Hill taproom or from the comfort of your own home. They’ll have some “rad prizes” as Rainier Growlers Manager Ben Chase always says. In order to play from of your home, you have until 6 p.m. to grab your brews, bingo cards, and raffle tickets. 6 p.m., 13105 Meridian Ave E site 107, Puyallup, of the Rainier Growlers Zoom Room

PODCASTING: Create your very own podcast from concept to download. This podcast program takes place weekly in Zoom and is open to ages 12 and older. Led by Tacoma Public Library Digital Media Lab instructor John Hargis, topics covered will include best practices for setting up your own recording space, developing content from episode to episode, and a careful analysis of what makes some of today’s podcasts so engaging and popular. Recording studio engineer and local podcast producer Doug Mackey will work with participants to ensure that the technical quality of voice, sound effects and music is the best it can be. 6:30-7:30 p.m., Tacoma Public Library Zoom, photo courtesy of Tim Wilson

COMEDY: The Tacoma comedy scene would be unrecognizable without the influence of the Tacoma Comedy Club. The acclaimed club has provided aspiring funny people with their first shots at the spotlight. While weekend headliner shows are the bread and butter for the club’s Downtown location, you should check out the weekly, no cover New Talent Tuesday show for fledgling comics if you’re in the mood for a surprise. 7:30 p.m., 933 Market St., Tacoma, no cover

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