Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

WEDNESDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before music and books about music

Ron Swarner


WEDNESDAY, JULY 13 2016: South Sound events + craft beer …

Book signing + Top Rung Brewing = times have changed
Battle of the Bands + Puyallup River Brewing = chill, yo
Open Mic Night + Pint Defiance = psalm and pFriem


Let’s talk about Olympia. Olympia is a place where artists gather. There are galleries, and house parties and record stores. A dude who presses vinyl lives there. So does a dude who makes stickers and a woman who books a venue. And there were many bands. Because there’s an infrastructure that supports getting stuff done, people do stuff, and a lot of the stuff they do is cool. It’s great. And it was also great between 1993-1995. There were galleries, and house parties and record stores. A dude who presses vinyl lived there. So did a dude who made stickers and a woman who booked a venue. And there were many bands. Brooklyn, NY based artist, lecturer and educator Reuben Lorch-Miller documented the 1993-1995 Olympia music scene in his book, Isolation Party. Copies will be available for sale and signing at the Olympia Timberland Library from 7:30-9:15 p.m. Local, power-glam, commie freakazoid rollers, ROCKNHO — featuring two musicians, Rachel Carns and Sarah Utter, who appear in the book — will perform.
PREFUNK: Top Rung Brewing Co. in Lacey is now open on Wednesdays. That’s right folks. You can grab a pint of award-winning My Dog scout stout, delicious Prying Irons IPA and all the other craft beers Jason Stoltz and Casey Sobol dream up in their taproom from 3-9 p.m. on Wednesdays.


Hempfest, Mad Dabler and LyonPride Music will present the first annual Evergreen Fest Saturday, Sept. 17, at the White River Amphitheater. Among the 100 vendors and Miss Evergreen Fest contest, three live music stages will host reggae and hip-hop bands. Every Wednesday through Aug. 31 LyonPride Music and Clear Choice Cannabis host a talent contest to select bands for Evergreen Fest at 8 p.m. in Jazzbones. Tonight, Nikki E, Off the Dome, Klowns Over Everything and State of Krisis go for it.
PREFUNK: By now you know Puyallup River Brewing has a mantle full of craft beer awards, including the 2015 Small Brewery of the Year from the Washington Beer Awards. From 6-9 p.m., the Beach Tavern at Titlow will host the award-winning brewery pouring Electron IPA, Cream Ale, award-winning Mud Mountain Milk Stout and others. Expect giveaways.


Unlike certain franchise joints that dot our landscape with little green faces like Martian pimples, Northern Pacific Coffee Company’s aspiration is not java hegemony. No, Northern Pacific is content with its corner on Garfield, a block east of Pacific Lutheran University, and its reputation as a great place to procrastinate. Sandwiches and coffee, cornerstones of all serious collegiate malingering, are here in force, but the real treat is the book-lined walls, craft beer and Wednesday night open mic. Grab a beer, select a sci-fi romance and enjoy the local musical talent at 8 p.m.
PREFUNK: This past spring, pFriem Family Brewers was named brewery of the year at the Oregon Beer Awards. That award, determined by hundreds of industry insiders from across the state, speaks to the sterling work they’re doing out in Hood River. Pint Defiance will showcase pFriem’s handywork, shinning a spotlight on their Oude Kriek, Frambozen and Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout, just to name a few. If you wonder how any single Oregon brewery can stand above its 233 brothers, drop by from 6-9 p.m.