Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

WEDNESDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before cartooning and Thor



WEDNESDAY, MARCH 22 2017: South Sound events + craft beer …

King’s Books + Peaks and Pints = CLAW and Odin

The Swiss Restaurant & Pub + Stuck Junction = Dynamic duo


Join the Cartoonist’s League of Absurd Washingtonians for their monthly Open Swim at 7:30 p.m. in King’s Books. CLAW invites the public to draw on bicycle helmets with them. For the uninitiated, CLAW’s mission is to gather talented Washington state cartoonists of great skill and humongous egos in frequently secluded gatherings during which the secrets and mystic arts of their sublime craft are practiced.

PREFUNK: Germany often gets credit as the birthplace of many modern beer styles, and rightfully so. But beer history buffs like to point out the lands that became Belgium boast a 5,000-year history of brewing. Although there are specific Belgian styles marketed today, these beers actually comprise a wide range of interpretations on the ingredients used in the brewing process. That’s quite different from German brewers with their 500-year-old beer purity law (Reinheitsgebot) that requires that only water, barley and hops be used to make beer (yeast was a later addition). Belgians were more adventuresome with their approach to brewing, and as a result their beers offer unique flavors that include fruity sourness, candy sweetness and even earthy-musty qualities. All are considered desirable, depending upon the beer. Viking-themed Odin Brewing Co. in Tukwila offers a Belgian strong ale as one of its year-round treats. Thor’s Equinox leaves us with lingering warmth at 9 percent ABV. The dark candi sugar pushes that alcohol strength upward, while also lending rum, dates and fig notes. Odin stepped back from the emphasis on yeasty phenols to showcase malt and a unique woody note from Angelica spice, creating a beer that is still Belgian, yet can satisfy stout and strong porter lovers as well. Drop by Peaks and Pints for a pint of Odin’s Thor Equinox.


Singer/songwriter Rascal Martinez and his brother, Marcello Sanchez, have left their Denver digs touring the West Coast with a 8 p.m. show at The Swiss Restaurant & Pub. The brothers grew up in a small Nebraska town, where they went from recording albums in a home basement studio to the professional studios of Nashville, Tennessee. The duo perform a mix of alternative folk and soft rock, ranging from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s in genres that include country, oldies, classic rock and alternative.

PREFUNK: Puyallup River Brewing Company received three medals and was named Small Brewery of the Year at the Third Annual Washington Beer Awards during the Washington Brewer’s Festival at Marymoor Park June 20, 2015. Owner and head brewer Eric Akeson and his right-hand man, Nat Woodsmith’s Pineapple Paradise Cream Ale grabbed a gold medal in the “Fruit Beer” category, as well as a silver medal for his Paradise Blonde Saison and another silver medal for his Mud Mountain Milk Stout. The Pineapple Paradise Cream Ale will flow from Stuck Junction Saloon’s taps beginning at 5 p.m. Other Puyallup River Brewing beers on tap at the Sumner restaurant and bar include Electron IPA and Washington Beer Awards Pro-Am Best Bitter. Expect PRB swag and steak.