Thursday, May 18th, 2017

THURSDAY PREFUNK: New Belgium Bike Giveaway and cool vibes

Score a New Belgium bike and help Downtown On The Go! be more awesome tonight at Peaks and Pints in Tacoma’s Proctor District.

THURSDAY, MAY 18 2017: New Belgium Bike Giveaway plus Tacoma Comedy Club, Pacific Brewing & Malting Co. and 1022 South J …

PREFUNK: New Belgium Brewing, REI Tacoma and Peaks and Pints have come to a common conclusion. National Bike Month, actually Tacoma Bike Month, is better with craft beer. Peaks and Pints is taking its weekly Lodge Meeting to the gear shop in preparation for a glorious season of hopping curbs, dodging potholes and getting your pant leg caught in spokes at 6 p.m. If you’re looking to gear up for the cycling season and get involved in Tacoma’s thriving bike community, New Belgium Bike and Beer Night might be just the event for you. Tacoma’s bottle shop, taproom and eatery will host New Belgium Brewing Co. and REI for a night of delicious craft beers — VooDoo Ranger Juicy Mandarina and Imperial IPA, Citradelic and Love: Oscar (Blackberry) sour — paired with a bike maintenance class. In addition, New Belgium will raffle off a single-speed bicycle to benefit Downtown: On the Go!, the transportation advocate for downtown Tacoma. Other New Belgium Bike and Beer awesomeness includes door prizes, food and information on bicycling in Tacoma. BONUS: New Belgium Brewing beer flight today

8 P.M.: ROBERT HAWKINS: After being hired as a story editor for the cult show Titus, Robert Hawkins was eventually cast as the titular character’s brother-in-law. Since then he has starred in his own Comedy Central special, as well as several late night shows. Catch him at the Tacoma Comedy Club tonight. Tacoma Comedy Club, Tacoma

8 P.M.: KRISTEN MARLO: Singer/songwriter Kristen Marlo began singing before she could talk, and hasn’t stopped since. She is a classically trained vocalist and self-taught guitarist, but also an accomplished composer and lyricist and … bartender. That’s right. Behind the mic, her songs cover the full range of human emotion — from love and lust to rage and revenge. Behind Peaks and Pints’ bar, her dialogue covers the full range of wisecracks and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle love. Pacific Brewing & Malting Co., Tacoma

9 P.M.: DJ NINJA KAT: A night of house, techno, eclectic, electric, soul, funk, dark and new wave vibes. 1022 South J, Tacoma