Friday, June 30th, 2017

TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 30 2017: New Holland Dragon Milk S’mores and the Greenriver Thrillers



TACOMA PREFUNK FRIDAY, JUNE 30 2017: New Holland Dragon Milk S’mores and the Greenriver Thrillers

PREFUNK: The simple beauty of s’mores: Find the right stick. Poke it through a marshmallow and stick it over a campfire. Once it’s the perfect gooeyness and crispiness, carefully plop it on top of a piece of Hersey’s chocolate and sandwich it between graham crackers. Did you forget to make camping reservations this weekend? Get your s’mores fix at Peaks and Pints. First, the only place you’ll find Auntie B’s S’mores Jars is at our little lodge in Tacoma’s Proctor District. The chocolate cream base, ganache, spiced cookie crumble and vanilla/honey-kissed meringue dessert is rich, chocolaty and crunchy deliciousness. Second, We have New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Reserve: With S’mores imperial stout pouring from our Western red cedar tap log as well as in bottles. It’s the definition of dessert beer: milk chocolate, hazelnuts, coffee, and marshmallow fluff. Peaks and Pints, Tacoma

8 P.M. GREENRIVER THRILLERS: The word “noise” carries a gamut of loud and intrusive connotations. To most, it is the unwanted aural pollution that disrupts our abilities to think clearly. In regards to the 15-year-old Seattle rock band Greenriver Thrillers, their noise is a blend of elements of rock and roll ranging from classic punk, metal and even shades of experimental music. The trio — Gary Hughes, Alan Alfano and Phil Smith — will fill The Valley with noise with The Deadrones and Infinite Flux. This show will rock. The Valley, Tacoma

8:30 P.M. LIVE FROM THE JIVE 6: Laughway House Productions present Live From The Jive 6, a stand-up comedy showcase featuring headliner Eden Nault, special guest Bo Drogmond and laughs from Lee Cox, Greg Beachler, Alfred Carcieri, Corrina Lee Allen, Ray Bson, Amanda Biddle and Brock Terrano. Bob’s Java Jive, Tacoma