Thursday, July 21st, 2016

Tacoma Beer Week 2016 official beer

Tacoma Beer Week 2016 IPA brew day at Wingman Brewers: From left, Travis Guterson, 7 Seas Brewing; Jeff Carlson, Harmon Brewing Company, Mike Dempster, Wingman Brewers (kneeling), James Dutton, Odd Otter Brewing Co.; Bethany Carlsen, Pacific Brewing & Malting Co.; Greer Hubbard, Odd Otter Brewing Co.; Daniel Heath, Wingman Brewers (top). Courtesy phto

Tacoma Beer Week, six jam-packed days of local craft beer love (Aug. 1-6), is among the few citywide beer celebrations to get its own official brew. The inaugural Tacoma Beer Week in 2014 saw seven-ish Tacoma breweries collaborate on the Tacoma Neo Noir, a Belgian-style black IPA. The official beer returns this year when nine Tacoma breweries gathered at Wingman Brewers July 15. Wet Coast Brewing Co., 7 Seas Brewing Co., Narrows Brewing Co., Harmon Brewing Co., Pacific Brewing & Malting Co., Odd Otter Brewing Co., Wingman Brewers, Gig Harbor Brewing Co. and Tacoma Brewing Co. each brought 3-5 pounds of hops — including Amarillo, Azacca, Comet, Arcanum, Citra, Mosaic, Bravo — to brew about 12.5 barrels of IPA.

“The malt bill is simple, 2-Row, Munich, Acidulated Malt,” says Ken Thoburn, co-founder and head brewer at Wingman Brewers. “We also used Wingman’s house yeast, San Diego Super. Each brewery should be able to take home a sixtel or more of the IPA.”

The IPA doesn’t have an official name yet, but will make appearances at many Tacoma Beer Week events, including a kickoff party at The Red Hot Monday, Aug. 1 and the Beer Fest of Destiny festival — a great way to drink your way through Tacoma in one spot — next to Wingman Brewers Aug. 6.

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