Sunday, May 29th, 2016

SUNDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before Rockabilly Mafia Dolls and comedy

Ron Swarner

Rockabilly Mafia Dolls hosts bands and a benefit at The Brotherhood Lounge tonight.

SUNDAY MAY 29, 2016: South Sound events + craft beer …

Comedy + loaded root beer floats = lots of laughs

Rockabilly Mafia Dolls + doughnuts = Shake


Comedian Corey Holcomb ain’t wholesome, and he’ll tell you that much. “I’ve got two 7-year-olds, and they ain’t twins,” he jokes. Holcomb — with his women-bashing jokes and admissions of men’s bad behavior (particularly his own) — has endeared him to disgruntled single guys everywhere. And women — the ones who can take a harsh joke — dig his shtick, too. Holcomb offers plenty of advice on how men who have been the victim of a “hostile takeover” by the female in the relationship can take back control. You can believe there is no counselor on the planet who offers the kind of relationship advice and remedies he dispenses from the stage. Catch him at 6 and 8:30 p.m. in the Tacoma Comedy Club.

PREFUNK: In the 1870s, crackpot pharmacists cooked up an ailment cure spiked with juniper, dog grass, birch bark, or whatever roots and berries they could easily dig up. One of these pharmacists, Charles Hires, developed an herbal tea recipe while on his honeymoon (very romantic, Chuck) that he later turned into a prepackaged liquid concentrate customers could just mix with water. He called it root beer. Small Town Brewery in Wauconda, Illinois, brews an “ale” they call Not Your Father’s Root Beer. According to the brewery’s website, Not Your Father’s Root Beer is brewed like a beer, fermented like a beer, and carbonated like a beer. Don’t be fooled by the bottle’s label, which describes the liquid within as “ale with the taste of spices” — this certainly behaves more like soda than beer. The cinnamon, wintergreen, anise, sarsaparilla bark, vanilla beans, nutmeg, and honey that flavor the drink have more in common with Charles Hires’ concoction than any craft ale on the market. Flannigan’s Craft Pub in downtown Puyallup will pour Not Your Father’s Root Beer over ice cream all day today, serving Naughty Floats at a discounted price.


Rockabilly Mafia Dolls is a vintage inspired sisterhood who inspires and empowers women through giving back to our communities. Launched in Fresno, California, the Dolls also make Olympia their hangout. At 9 p.m., the Rockabilly Mafia Dolls will host a benefit for Safeplace at The Brotherhood Lounge. Action Figures, The Dalharts and The Falsies will perform rockabilly and ‘60s tunes with a raffle and awesome drinkies on the side.

PREFUNK: We can get behind the collision of doughnuts and beer, particularly when it’s Twister Donuts and the solid line-up of beers at The Oly Taproom. The downtown Olympia bottle shop and taproom is, once again, giving away a free Twister Donut with every draft craft beer purchase. You should know Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter is on tap. It’s one of the most chocolatey beers on the market, thanks to the cacao nibs added in the brewing process.