Sunday, February 12th, 2017

SUNDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before Emmet Cohen and Artists Craft Fair

Ron Swarner


SUNDAY, FEB. 12 2017: South Sound events + craft beer …

Tacoma School of the Arts + Peaks and Pints = Jazz and Bale Breaker Dormancy Breakfast Stout

King’s Books + 7 Seas Brewing = Artists fair and Black Currant Wild Imperial Stout


New York City-based pianist Emmet Cohen will join Russell Hall on bass and Kyle Poole on drums for a 6 p.m. jazz concert at the Tacoma School of the Arts Theater in downtown Tacoma. The multifaceted American jazz pianist and composer plays with a striking and effusive elegance. He moves all over the keyboard with understated, self-assured flair. His arrangements are completely uncluttered, allowing the melody and bass to take precedence. The relationship between the two elements is where the true beauty of Cohen’s songs resides. He often plays jaunty and whimsical rhythmically, breathing a lighthearted air into the proceedings. Don’t miss this show.

PREFUNK: Looking for a coffee-forward stout? Peaks and Pints has Bale Breaker’s Dormancy Breakfast Stout pouring from our Western red cedar tap log. Yes, Bale Breaker does more than brew hoppy. This oat-ish stout has an intense coffee presence, thanks to more than one pound of Costa Rican beans per barrel, sourced locally at Yakima’s Lincoln Avenue Coffee Co. The result is a roasty, big coffee, sweet caramel stout with notes of dark chocolate and brown sugar.


The equation is simple. Tacoma is for Lovers is a community group dedicated to presenting artists craft fairs to promote and appreciate our awesome local artists. Destiny City Comics is a fun place to peruse comics in Tacoma. King’s Books is an awesome local bookstore that loves to host local arts events. Together, they will combine their artsy prowess to produce the Valentine-themed Artists Craft Fair from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at King’s Books. The fair will feature arts and crafts spanning from jewelry to letterpress prints and beyond.

PREFUNK: 7 Seas Brewing releases its third Vintage Ale Collection bottle in both its Gig Harbor and Tacoma taprooms at 11 a.m. Black Currant Wild Imperial Stout (9.5%) was initially fermented with Saccharomyces yeast then this “earthy and tart Imperial Stout underwent an extensive 20-month secondary conditioning phase on a Brettanomyces yeast culture,” according to 7 Seas hype. “Six months before bottling, we added an abundance of locally grown black currants contributing a layer of fruit complexity. A mix of black currant and dark cherry pie like aromas mingle with Brett induced mustiness in the nose. Faint hints of cocoa, raisin, and dried fruit lead to a tart and dry finish.”

BONUS: It’s day two of The Copper Door’s Bitter Valentine IPA Festival.