Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK TUESDAY, DEC. 12 2017: Gigantic Catch 23 Experimental Pale Ale and Dr. Gonzo



SOUTH SOUND PREFUNK TUESDAY, DEC. 12 2017: Gigantic Catch 23 Experimental Pale Ale and Dr. Gonzo

PREFUNK: Gigantic Brewing’s Catch 23 Experimental Pale Ale is made with an experimental hop, #527. It was a good one, but there isn’t anymore being grown — something about it pulling the side arms off the hop-picker.  So that’s a problem. But, the Portland brewery got some and put it into this balanced pale ale with notes of strawberries and cane berries. Drop by Peaks and Pints and enjoy a pint from our Western red cedar tap log.

1:20 AND 6:45 THE KING’S CHOICE: It’s April 1940, and the Germans are seizing Norway even as they insist on maintaining the facade of negotiations between the two nations. The German ambassador in this telling endeavors to find a way for Norway to surrender with honor, allowing King Haakon VII to maintain his largely ceremonial sovereignty. But before he can arrange that, the detestable Vidkun Quisling, head of Norway’s fascist party, announced himself as the new prime minister, banking on Hitler’s support. Quisling never appears in the film, The King’s Choice; instead, the film follows, over a three-day period, the ambassador’s efforts to undercut the traitor, to preserve the monarchy and to deliver Norway to the Führer without bloodshed. Watch it unfold at The Grand Cinema.

9 P.M. 20TH ANNIVERSARY: FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS: Either the ideal or last person who should adapt Hunter S. Thompson, Terry Gilliam handily overpowers the source in this phantasmagoric drug romp. Gilliam works up a lather with zonked camera angles, wacky special effects and an all-star cast, but its grounded by Johnny Depp (and eternal cigarette holder) doing a stunningly spot-on impersonation of the author. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of journalist Raoul Duke and his lawyer, Dr. Gonzo, hallucinatory odyssey from LA to Las Vegas at the Capitol Theater.