Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

SATURDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before SweetKiss Momma, Vanilla and Barleywine Revue

Vanilla will rock The Valley tonight.

SATURDAY, OCT. 22 2016: South Sound events + craft beer …

Jazzbones + Wingman Brewers = Southern rock and German pumpkins

The Valley + Dick’s Brewing = saluting the past

Dunagan Brewing Co. + The Hub in Gig Harbor = Barleywine and Hefeweizen

Bonus: Top of Tacoma R-Day


Proving that great Southern rock comes as much from the soul as the place of birth, SweetKiss Momma from Puyallup has been cranking out critically-acclaimed, independent American roots music over the last few years, blending its gritty Northwest origins with county, blues and gospel, to craft strikingly soulful rock and roll with a subtle Southern bend. Catch the band with John Hamhock and the Enablers in Jazzbones at 9 p.m.

PREFUNK: (Scene: Charlie Brown and Ken Thoburn lean against pumpkins at Tacoma Boys)

Charlie Brown: Who are you writing to, Ken?

Ken Thoburn: This is the time of year to write to the Great Pumpkinmeister. On October 22, the Great Pumpkimeister rises out of his pumpkin beer garden and flies through the air with his bag of craft beers for all the people. He lands at my brewery, Wingman Brewers, with Pumpkin P-51 Porter, Miss-B Haven Pumpkin, Maple Oak-Aged Sawbuck Barleywine, Pumpkin Oak-Aged Sawbuck Barleywine, Wingman English Harvest Ale, Rosemary and Rye IPA, Wingman Noel, Bitburger Benedictiner Oktoberfest Lager, One Tree Caramel Apple Cider and many other goodies.

Charlie Brown: You must be crazy. When are you going to stop believing in something that isn’t true?

Ken Thoburn: When you stop believing in that fellow with a red suit and the white beard who goes, “Ho, ho, ho!”

Charlie Brown: We’re obviously separated by denominational differences.

Ken Thoburn: You blockhead. Drop by Wingman from 2-11 p.m. and you’ll see the Great Pumpkinmeister.

Charlie Brown: I can’t pumpkinhead. I’m only 6.


No doubt you recognize the names Jayson Jarmon, Sean Gaffney, Dana Sims and Kord Taylor from various local bands over the years. This mini-supergroup is known as Vanilla, a progressive power pop Tacoma band mixing elements of XTC, Wings, Elvis Costello and even a bit of Pink Floyd into their original sound. Catch the band at 8 p.m. with Mr. Blackwatch and Jim Basnight in The Valley.

PREFUNK: It was more than 22 years ago Dick Young started off as a humble home brewer, brewing in the back of Northwest Sausage & Deli. Since October 1994, Dick’s Brewing has grown from a 3-barrel operation brewing flagship Dick Danger Ale to a 15-barrel system and a barrel-age program. The brewery will raise a pint in Young’s memory from 4-9 p.m., while supporting his friend Dr. Pope and Pope’s Kids Place. Festivities include the Backfire Band, barbecue pork sandwiches with baked beans and coleslaw for $15 a plate (all benefits Pope’s Kids Place) and, of course, Dick’s Beer.


“We’re bigger than Barleywine,” banjoist Forest Beutel didn’t say but no one would hold a press conference if he did. Beutel is one-fifth of the Tacoma-based bluegrass band Barleywine Revue, a University of Puget Sound college band now celebrating its sixth summer performing old-time music and traditional bluegrass throughout the land. Barleywine Revue might not be as big as the beer style, but its musicianship is top notch. Catch the band at 9 p.m. inside Dunagan Brewing Co. in downtown Tacoma.

PREFUNK: Ah, the sensory experience of The Hub Gig Harbor in October. Leaves turn from green to brown. Brats waft from the kitchen. Planes land in its backyard. Screw pumpkin beers. It’s about Oktoberfest at The Hub Gig Harbor from 6-9 p.m. You’ll find pleasing Harmon Bavarian Style Hefe, live music, German food and planes landing in its backyard.

BONUS: It’s the third annual R-Day celebration at the Old Rainier Brewery in Seattle — a day to celebrate all that is Rainier Beer. Top of Tacoma Bar and Café on Tacoma’s McKinley Hill offers a Tacoma version at 7 p.m.