Friday, September 30th, 2016

Red Robin craft beer, Mead Market and 2016 Bourbon County Stouts

Ron Swarner

Meet the Grilled Pineapple Golden Ale.

MORNING FOAM FOR FRIDAY, SEPT. 30 2016: A seven-taster flight of craft beer and cider news, from the fluffy head all the way to the bottom science. …

You can now have your burger and drink it too as Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews partners with New Belgium Brewing to create the Grilled Pineapple Golden Ale.

Matt Reed and Jill McKenna, co-founders of Bee Thinking online global resource for beekeepers, celebrate the grand opening of their Mead Market in Portland this weekend.

Are you headed to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver? With 775+ breweries in attendance and 3,500+ beers available for sampling, the dazzling array of choices at the GABF could overwhelm even the most seasoned beer enthusiasts. Here’s an exclusive pour list preview.

Goose Island will once again release its annual, highly sought-after, OG barrel-aged Imperial Stout on Black Friday of 2016, Nov. 25. Bourbon County Stout will return with four variants in this year’s lineup: Bourbon County Stout Original, Bourbon County Stout Barleywine, Bourbon County Stout Coffee, and Bourbon County Stout Proprietor’s as a Chicago-only release.

You probably don’t need to start stockpiling your favorite IPAs yet, but the hops race could stall wider distribution for some independent breweries.

SCIENCE! “Humulinones have a reported bitterness that is roughly 0.4 times that of iso-alpha-acids…” Let’s read 92 pages on the methodologies of dry-hopping, comparing different hop materials and examining the extraction behavior of different types of hop compounds.

SCIENCE! The Fizzics Waytap has been designed to use sound waves to convert the beers carbonation into densely compacted uniform micro-foam bubbles that in turn unlock that fresh from the tap taste in your beer.