Sunday, August 30th, 2015

Photos from South Sound Craft Beer Festival


It was around beer o’clock yesterday when the South Sound Craft Beer Festival felt like a full-blown happening. Yes, we can use beer o’clock in a sentence. It’s officially a thing. The online platform announced dozens of new additions earlier this week, including beer o’clock, wine o’clock, awesomesauce, manspreading, butthurt and hangry. Yesterday, beer o’clock was 3 p.m., at least that’s when the Tacoma Dome Exhibition Hall was jumping — full of Seahawk jersey-wearing beer drinkers tasting the IPAs and other awesomesauce from more than 30 Washington state breweries.

For us, the “appropriate time of day to start drinking beer” in the Exhibition Hall was around 1 p.m. We missed the opening noon bell due to fallen trees, exploding sewer drains and some manspreading at the Parkway Tavern’s IPA Fest, which also graced the Aug. 29 calendar.

We snapped a few photos from this year’s version of the South Sound Craft Beer Festival. NBD (yup, that’s a new word too).