Sunday, November 21st, 2021

Peaks and Pints Thanksgiving New Beer Report 11.21.21


Peaks and Pints Thanksgiving New Beer Report 11.21.21

Ah, Thanksgiving. Time to shovel Aunt Edna’s “world-famous” stuffing into your face, but hey, there’s always room for craft beer. Peaks and Pints Thanksgiving New Beer Report 11.21.21  is here to help for the holiday. Cheers!

Baerlic Brewing Bright Thoughts IPA: Brewed with a 50/50 blend of wheat and pilsner malts, Citra, Mosaic, Strata, and Chinook hops for classic citrusy, piney, and tropical IPA, 6.9%

Baerlic Good Vibes Only: Hazy IPA with a double dose of Centennial and Cashmere hops for notes of grapefruit, tropical fruit, melon, and peach with whispers of coconut and lemon lime on the finish. 6.7%

Baerlic Punk Rock Time: Baerlic went for lighter body and more dry California-style IPA with loads of El Dorado, Chinook, and Strata for a tropical, fruity, and piney IPA. 5.8%

Bale Breaker Brewing Clarity Rarity Release No. 7: Brewed with estate malts and experimental hop HBC 630, this hazy IPA has low bitterness and ripe tropical, citrus, stone fruit, and spruce aromas, 7%

E9 Brewing Sad Wing: Imperial stout brewed with all high-quality UK and continental European malt, then aged for a year in Heaven Hills Bourbon barrels and lightly back blended with freshly brewed beer to balance out the robust bourbon backbone for coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, light dried fruitiness, and a maple-oak bourbon touch, 10%

Heater Allen Brewing Sandy Paws: Rich and malty Baltic porter with slightly spicy notes, 7.4%

Little Beast Brewing Mr. Nice: Passionfruit sour ale brewed with Pilsner and Wheat malts bringing soft refreshment to this tart and tropical ale. 5.2%

Matchless Brewing All Fluff: Hazy IPA that pours life fresh-squeezed orange juice, hits the nose with ripe pineapple, and tastes like orange and pineapple along with fluffy mango, 6.6%

Matchless Ol’ Lifewine: Brewed with the English mashing technique known as double mash, this barleywine has a velvet body with notes of rich vanilla, dried stone fruit, chocolate, toasted nuts, and dark caramel, 13.4%

Modern Times Beer Terebellum: Hazy IPA brewed with Mosaic, Motueka, El Dorado, and Vic Secret hops for notes of lemon-lime, watermelon, and subtle pine, 6.3%

Monkless Belgian Ales Friar’s Festivus: Winter Belgian quad with aromas of citrus and dark fruit, and a complex flavor profile of caramel, spicy clove, and a slight malty sweetness, 10.2%

Fremont Brewing Head Full of Dynomite v.33: Brewed with Idaho 7, Idaho 7 Cryo, Chinook, and Cashmere LupoMAX hops, this hazy IPA is mildly sweet and bitter with moderate lingering sweetness in medium body that warms slightly, 6.8%

pFriem Family Brewers Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine: Beautifully big sipper with caramel and baking spice aromas followed by notes of fig, dried plum, brown sugar, dried fruit, and a sophisticated resonance of American oak, 11%

Sig Brewing Grandma Pat’s Peach Pie A La Mode: Smoothie sour brewed with peach, vanilla, vanilla ice cream, pie crust and lactose, 6.1%

Single Hill Brewing Family Time: Winter ale with a deep red expression of dark crystal malts and layers of caramel, toffee and chocolate, 7.5%

Stoup Brewing Powder Tracks: Old pathways lost under a blanket of freshly fallen snow make way for new tracks on trails yet to be made. Powder Tracks Winter Ale, a malt forward beer with chocolate and caramel notes touched with a hint of citrus aroma, will call you to forget the noise and embrace the quiet of a winter trail, 8.2%

Stoup Thesis Generator: Loral, Talus, HBC 630, and El Dorado together would add aromas of pink grapefruit, berry and pineapple and would be freakin’ delicious, 6.9%

The Hop Concept Tropical & Juicy: Double IPA with aromas of floral citrus and mango, followed by bright papaya, pineapple and tangerine that finishes with hints of spice from the hops and a clean, sweet malt undertone, 8.5%

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