Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

Peaks and Pints Six Pack 10.16.18: Tech N9ne Tacoma

Ron Swarner


Peaks-and-Pints-Six-Pack-10-16-18-Tech-N9ne-TacomaPeaks and Pints Six Pack 10.16.18: Tech N9ne Tacoma

How fast is too fast? Rapper Tech N9ne‘s supersonic lyrical delivery tests the boundaries of human comprehension. The Kansas City-based MC was bestowed his name thanks to his ability to spit out words with the speed of a TEC-9 semiautomatic weapon. Tech N9ne later gave his handle a double-entendre by stating the “tech” was short for “technique” and “nine” representing the number of completion — therefore his name signifies his total ability to rhyme like a champ. OK. Tech N9ne plays Tacoma’s Temple Theatre this Friday, Oct. 19. Stop by Peaks and Pints before the show and grab this six-pack, which includes Tech N9ne’s collaboration pineapple and coconut wheat beer with his hometown brewery, Boulevard Brewing.

BAD SANTA, Pelican Brewing: “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” sung by former jockey Jimmy Boyd, takes a humorous approach to a child’s shocking discovery of his mother’s infidelity. Pelican Brewing in Pacific City, Oregon, brews a beer that pairs with Mommy’s merry adulterer — Bad Santa. This mysterious dark elixir is filled with complex malt flavors and aromas with toasted malt and roast character, blending seamlessly to the alluring herbal hop aroma that comes from copious amounts of Fuggle hops. Bad Santa doesn’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice; he just wants Mommy. 7.5%, 12oz

TECH N9NE OU LOU, Boulevard Brewing: Boulevard Brewing and Tech N9ne have deep roots in Kansas City. Boulevard released its first beer in 1989. Two years later, Tech N9ne began his musical career in said city. Inspired by one of Tech N9ne’s best-loved tunes, Bou Lou wheat beer is an enticing improvisation on Boulevard’s Unfiltered Wheat Beer, bursting with flavors of pineapple and coconut. 5.5%, 16oz

BORN YESTERDAY, Lagunitas Brewing: Born Yesterday is a newborn version of the Northern California brewery’s re-born pale, a newer New Dogtown Pale with a fresh addition — wet, lupulin-drenched, un-kilned, whole-cone, fresh-picked-and-rushed-straight-from-Yakima hops for your immaculate reception. This “Un-Freakin-Filtered, wetter-than-wet beer” has 11 pounds-per-barrel of Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Indigenous Catawampus. 7.2%, 12oz

JUBELALE, Deschutes Brewery: The Bend, Oregon brewery has been producing the robust and malty but approachable Jubelale winter festive ale for 31 years, brewed with East Kent Golding, US Tettnang, Delta, Cascade and Bravo hops. Its spicy-malt flavor, cocoa, dried fruit and toffee notes ignite cozy warmth on the taste buds — perfect for any number of winter pastimes, like making toys. This year’s Jubelale label artwork — an iconic staple anticipated almost as much as the beer itself — was designed by the brewery employees instead of a Bend artist. 6.7%, 12oz

MAGNANIMOUS IPA, Fort George Brewery: We wish you a merry … October? We were wearing shorts when the pumpkin beers came out, and now it’s Christmas in October — some brewers just can’t contain their excitement for seasonal brews. Magnanimous IPA is a yearly offering, a joint effort once again between Fort George and Earth & Sky Farm in Oregon City. Brewed with real Grand fir Christmas trees, the IPA also presents bountiful additions of Simcoe and Chinook hops for a noble blend of lush piney hops and fresh evergreen aroma. 7%, 16oz

MEMBATA, Modern Times Beer: Modern Times doses this silky, chocolaty stout with generous amounts of its house-roasted coffee, yielding an opaque, jet black color that unleashes rich chocolate, roast malt and earthy coffee flavors with medium hop bitterness and a dry finish. 7.8%, 16oz