Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 3.11.20



Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 3.11.20

Peaks & Pints continues to follow the appropriate sanitary protocol that all restaurants are held to — hand-washing, constant sanitary wipe-downs, gloves for chefs, and drinking from our own glasses. We’re taking this pandemic seriously, which means it’s business as usual at Peaks & Pints. Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 3.11.20 offers new beers that have arrived to our cooler.

Anderson Valley Brewing

TROPICAL HAZY SOUR: Capitalizing on Anderson Valley Brewing’s award-winning gose series, Tropical Hazy Sour is brewed to be tart and refreshing using the traditional kettle souring method. Tropical flavors are introduced in the fermentation process through the use of real guava and passionfruit. Finally, the AVBC brewing team found that leaving the beer hazy resulted in a more aromatic beer and added to the overall balance of the beverage. 4.3%

Aslan Brewing

DE LA ROUGE, Aslan Brewing: Brewed in the same manner as the Bellingham brewery’s Mandarina Queen IPA, De La Rouge IPA version uses only Barbe Rouge hops. This new experimental variety from the French hop-breeding program delivers mango and red berry notes with a prototypical dankness. 6.8%

Aslin Beer Company

RECESS: Aslin’s collaboration with Stillwater Artisanal, this dry hopped sour brewed with milk sugar, mosaic hops, and conditioned on raspberries has notes of freshly picked raspberries and lemon tartness. 5.5%

Breakside Brewery

HAIL NELSON IPA: Breakside Brewery’s new West Coast IPA loaded with Southern Hemisphere hops, including the highly sought after variety Nelson Sauvin for notes of lime, white wine, guava, passionfruit, melon, dried apricots, sweet mint, and musk. 6.1%

I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD: A collaboration with The Rare Barrel, this pilsner is brewed with crackery Canadian base malt balancing herbal, fruity, and floral flavors from European hops and jasmine flowers. 5.3%

Decadent Ales

MOCHA LATTE: Decadent calls it a coffee IPA but it leans more toward a blonde stout with creamy mouthfeel and some vanilla. 8%

SNOWBALL: This imperial milk stout hits you in the face with coconut and chocolate for a super sweet beer with represented flavors, plus vanilla bean. 12.3%

Dugges Bryggeri

PEANUT BUTTER: This imperial stout caresses the nose with peanut butter but bumps it up in flavor with underlying notes of chocolate. 10%

Evil Twin Brewing

MORE COFFEE PORTER? SEY NO MORE: Imperial porter brewed with vanilla, milk sugar and 150 pounds of almonds for slight acrid roasted coffee, sweet vanilla, almond, fudge, and faint cinnamon. Roast coffee, chocolate, hot cinnamon, and alcohol-soaked almonds finish out the profile. Alcohol heat creeps in and completes the picture. 11.5%

OH MY GOD, HE’S A BOZO: OMG, it’s Evil Twin’s Bozo aged in BLiS Gourmet maple syrup barrels for 18 months for a well-balance stout, but with all the booze. 17.2%

Fort-George-Brewery-Fanzine-IPA-TacomaFort George Brewery

FIELDS OF GREEN (OSCAR): Fort George’s Fields of Green is an exploration of hop-perceptions, pushing the limits of your lupulin receptors. This periodic IPA release, always evolving, has landed at Peaks and Pints. Named “Oscar,” this Fields is full bodied with some sweetness up front but with a balanced bitterness and lingering fruitiness notes of tropical fruit and grapefruit pith. 7.6%

FANZINE IPA: Fort George collaborated with Grains of Wrath Brewery on Fanzine IPA, a crisp, clear, West Coast style IPA featuring the art of independent folk legend Michael Hurley, who himself is the subject of a Fanzine. The IPA’s piney bitterness backs up the heavy hop additions, with grapefruit and other citrus notes. Mild sweetness from the malt bill lingers with a taste of orange juice. 6.7%

Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.

REMEMBER WHAT THE DORHOUSE SAID: Feed your head with this hazy, juicy and fruity New England-style IPA brewed with Eureka and Citra hops. 7%

SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE: New England-style IPA hop forwarded with Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops for a fruit salad on the nose — orange, pineapple, grapefruit, and cantaloupe — followed by flavors of mango, pineapple, grapefruit, caramel malts and resinous hops.

Gigantic Brewing

CLOUDBERRIES HAZY IPA: Gigantic Brewing hazy IPA brewed with Experimental 527 hop — a magical hop with notes of strawberry jam and citrus. Combine that with the cane berry, mango, and citrus notes of Mosaic and Cloudberries is ready to help you through tomorrow’s games. 7.5%

Mother-Earth-Mystic-Alchemy-TacomaMother Earth Brewing

MYSTIC ALCHEMY: Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 3.11.20 includes Mystic Alchemy, an IPA with a soft, glowing haze and intense tropical juiciness, using four well-known aroma hops in Galaxy, Mosaic, Nelson, and Citra. 6.8%

Nightmare Brewing

EXPOSURE: Nightmare Brewing’s Exposure is an imperial IPA dry hopped with 100 percent Cryo Citra and Mosaic hops for a earthy herbal, star fruit, honeydew and nectarine pit nose. The initial cold hop bite of pine quickly dissipates to a balanced malt body, candied mandarin rind, strawberry jam, and key lime zest. 10.1%

FLAYED: Flayed is an imperial oatmeal IPA with nectarous citrus aromatics of ripe tropical fruits, marmalade and sweetgrass. A massive base of oat varietals provides the foundation of mouthfeel for tangerine, sugared grapefruit, sweet tarts and tangelo. 9.6%

GUNGA RAO: Soured on pineapple and coconut, this IPA is also brewed with Moroccan mint, and a hop blend of Sabro, Kohatu and Cashmere. It result crushes with the taste of a hoppy, tropical, fruit-forward gose. 8.3%

LINGCHI: Lingchi is an Asiatic sour ale soured on apricots with rice sugar, candied ginger, peach and apricot purée, with all ingredients originating from China. The stone fruit/sherbert nose will torture you until you dive into the floral backdrop with gummy peach ring and ginger sharpness. Expect a puckering dry finish of fuzzy nectarine balanced with candied ginger zing. 8.1%

Stillwater Artisanal Ales

SMOKING BUDDIES: According to Urban Dictionary, a “Smoking Buddy” is a friend with whom your interaction consists of almost nothing but smoking marijuana. Conversation with this person is usually limited to stories involving weed, pipe dreams about smoking weed, or actually smoking weed. Stillwater Artisanal Ales and Tired Hands Brewing’s pipe dream is a smoked imperial IPA aged on cedar, with both smoke and cedar on the mild side. 8%