Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 12.3.19

Ron Swarner


Peaks-and-Pints-New-Beers-In-Stock-12-3-19Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 12.3.19

In the fall, our palates are assaulted with pumpkin spice madness, but as November fades into December, the days get shorter and the thermostats set higher, the time of year arrives that calls for big-bodied beer, usually with a higher alcohol content, and often spices, that literally offers a warming effect. Today, Peaks and Pints New Beers In Stock 12.3.19 offers six big beers from our cooler. Cheers!

Boulevard Brewing

PLAID HABIT IMPERIAL BROWN: Born a double-mashed imperial brown ale, then matured for 18 months in freshly emptied 10-year Canadian rye whisky barrels, Boulevard Brewing’s sturdy ale strikes the nose with toffee, toast, pecan and nearly shuttering alcohol spice. Lush sweetness splashes against the tongue with the full brunt of caramel, toffee, simple syrup and honey for a full on malt display. 13.9%

Deschutes Brewery

BAKLAVA: Deschutes stout brewed with cinnamon, clove, cardamom, honey, and almond flavor, then aged in bourbon, port, and sherry barrels for up to 19 months. 13.3%

Everybody’s Brewing

PEAR BRANDY BARREL-AGED ENGLISH STRONG ALE: Everybody’s Brewing aged this English strong ale in Clear Creek Pear Brandy barrels for notes of vanilla ice cream, caramel topping and baked pear in one smooth sip from a snifter. 10.8%

Maui Brewing

IMPERIAL COCONUT PORTER DOLCE: Hints of vanilla, chocolate, coffee beans, roasted nuts, toffee, and toasted marshmallow are featured in Maui Brewing‘s creamy, spicy Dolce variation of Imperial Coconut Porter. 9.4%
BLACK PEARL: Base beer for Imperial Coconut Porter aged in rum, Woodford Reserve, Heaven Hill, Four Roses Bourbon, and brandy, then rested on toasted coconut chips for notes of oak, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, and warming spice. 12%

pFriem Family Brewers

MAPLE BARREL AGED SMOKED PORTER: pFriem offers notes of pecan pie baking in a wood-fired oven, rich toffee, and dark chocolate delight the palate before giving way to a decadent finish. 9.1%