Monday, March 7th, 2022

Peaks and Pints Monday Cider Flight: Imperials


You have dragged your weekend-weary, sorry self through the first day of work-week drudgery. It wasn’t easy, though, and you deserve a little reward. On your walk over for a much-needed ice cream cone at Ice Cream Social stop by Peaks & Pints and grab our imperial cider flight, Peaks and Pints Monday Cider Flight: Imperials. Every Monday, Peaks & Pints offers a flight of ciders. Today we’re bumping up the alcohol by volume greater than eight percent. So, skip the OG magnum of Yellow Tail Shiraz and grab our afterwork reward you were looking for. Stay for dinner.

Peaks and Pints Monday Cider Flight: Imperials

Sea Cider Kings & Spies

8% ABV

Kings & Spies, Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse’s only nonorganic cider, is an Italian-style sparkling drink crafted from a blend of apples grown in Victoria backyards — primarily Kings and Northern Spies, plus other apples of mysterious lineage. This multiple award-winning off-dry, crowd-sourced, and community-minded cider benefits Lifecycles, a Victoria organization that promotes local food security and education.

Seattle Cider Odyssey

8.4% ABV

Made with Seattle Cider’s custom blend of Washington apples and a cider specific yeast, this imperial cider is bright with light acidity and plenty of fresh apple character. It’s back sweetened with brown sugar to add a bit of complexity, and to punch up the juicy apple qualities. Expect a fruit forward nose, with stone fruit, apple, and cantaloupe at first sip.

Double Mountain Iris

11% ABV

In the extreme northern latitudes of North America and Europe, traditional ice cider takes either fruit that has frozen on the tree, or freshly pressed juice and freeze crystallized to concentrate the natural sugars in the apples. Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery juiced a blend of 20 Hood River grown heirloom apple varieties and partially froze the press to create a wine strength cider with deepened and intensified flavors. After a long cool fermentation, the ice cider is aged in new Missouri oak barrels for up to a year, giving the cider some natural vanilla notes, light oakiness, and rich with fruit aromas and natural tannins. The resulting cider is akin to a light Riesling or Chardonnay that is packaged still and uncarbonated.

2 Towns Ciderhouse Super Bad Apple

12.5% ABV

2 Towns Ciderhouse’s The Bad Apple is an imperial style cider, fermented with Willamette Valley meadowfoam honey and aged on Oregon white oak. The result is a semi-dry, apple-forward cider with rich apple, honey, vanilla, oak notes, and a long finish with lingering tartness and acidity. The Corvallis cidery bumps up The Bad Apple two points on the ABV scale giving it a stronger apple character with hints of oak.

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