Saturday, May 4th, 2024

Peaks and Pints May The 4th Be With You: The Cooler Awakens

Peaks & Pints has space beer for your May The 4th Be With You celebrations.

Peaks and Pints May The 4th Be With You: The Cooler Awakens

Today is May 4 — which may not mean a lot to a lot of people, but it’s a special date for serious Star Wars fans. May the 4th (as in “May the Force be with you”) is the day on which we celebrate all things Star Wars-related. And what better way to celebrate the date than by drinking space-themed craft beer while watching Star Wars from your couch. Where in the universe can you find such beer, padawan? Peaks and Pints May The 4th Be With You: The Cooler Awakens. Embrace your inner Jabba (or related Hutt) and stop by our little craft beer lodge for space-themed beers.

CLOSER ENCOUNTERS OF THE 8TH KIND, Ghostfish Brewing: Sometimes you don’t need to look to the stars to find inspiration. For their eight-anniversary beer, Ghostfish simply had to look across the street for their take on a barleywine. Desiring something big they secured Westland Whiskey casks from their neighbors and aged this milletwine for 10 months. Expect a silky body, smooth finish, milk chocolate across the palate, complex malt flavor, and slight sweetness on the finish, 12.8%, 500ml

COSMIC CHAMPION, Urban Family Brewing: Collaboration with Logan Brewing, this tart ale is brewed with orange zest and dry hopped with Idaho 7, 6%, 16oz

COSMIC LITTLE THING, Sierra Nevada Brewing: Hazy double IPA nebula glowing with Comet, Strata, and Helios hops for notes of citrus, berries, and lychee, 8%, 9.2%

EMPIRE WASTED, Threshold Brewing: Collaboration with Gigantic Brewing, this thiolized Grodziskie oak-smoked wheat ale is infused with the distinctive Nelson Sauvin hops for a rebellious take on smoke, white wine, and tropical fruit notes, 4.1%, 16oz

GALAXY CRUSH, Reuben’s Brews: Brewed with Southern Hemisphere Galaxy hops, this hazy IPA will have you marveling at the vast possibilities of flavor in the universe of beer with juicy notes of peach, mango, and orange, 7%, 16oz

LOOKING FOR LOVE IN ALDERAAN PLACES, Vice Beer: Hazy double IPA with epic proportions of Citra, Nectaron and Wakatu hops for caramel malt, tropical fruit, stone fruit, orange, and tangerine flavors that will blow your planet up, 8.2%, 16oz

MIND HAZE COSMIC CRUSHER, Firestone Walker Brewing: Juicy imperial IPA with pineapple and mango, 9.5%, 12oz

OBERON, Bell’s Brewery: Citrusy, easy drinking and refreshing wheat ale no doubt named after the personal starship of Jedi Knight Jarat Shimell’elio, 5.8%, 12oz

RIPPING THROUGH DIMENSIONS, Cerebral Brewing: West Coast pale brewed with Star Party yeast — a thiolized strain that provides a fruitier flavor profile — for notes of grapefruit soda, pineapple granita, and kiwi candy, 5.1%, 16oz

SCRAMJET, Bottle Logic: The scramjet booster was a propulsion device produced by Chab-Ylwoum. It was most notably used on the V-wing airspeeder deployed by the New Republic during the Galactic Civil War.  Bottle Logic’s Scramjet is a bourbon barrel-aged peanut butter cup-inspired imperial rye stout, 15.3%, 500ml

THEY’VE GONE TO PLAID, Brothers Cascadia Brewing: In Spaceballs, ludicrous speed is a hyperspace speed considerably faster than lightspeed. While a ship is moving at ludicrous speed, a plaid-patterned tunnel straight through space itself would be visible to all bystanders. In Brothers Cascadia’s version, They’ve Gone To Plaid Hazy IPA is brewed with Galaxy and Mosaic hops to boost the tropical aromas to ludicrous speed, 6%, 16oz

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