Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Narrows Brewing third anniversary party recap

Ron Swarner


With a demographic ranging from young folks looking for delicious craft beer on the water and reggae fans to Curtis High School grads celebrating their 20th reunion and proud friends raising glasses to the Tacoma brewery ownership and staff, the Narrows Brewing Company Reggae and Rock On The Water third anniversary bash was a gas, gas, gas. Peaks and Pints arrived just as Dave Hannon was rocking the joint, and by joint we mean Narrows Brewing’s facility and neighboring Narrows Marina, which the party overflowed into its boat storage facility and deck. Reggae bands Valley Green joined brothers Joe and Jeramey Abarca and their bands Jofish and The Wurm and Power Laces inspired the capacity crowd to bogle, mon. A steady line in front of the taps remained throughout the night, many sipping the wheat Anniversary Amber with German Abbey malted barley and Canadian Honey malt and Area 13 Experimental Imperial IPA with experimental hops, both released at the party. With near perfect outdoor conditions and a fun crowd, the Narrows Brewing’s third anniversary was a stone groove.