Monday, May 1st, 2017

MONDAY PREFUNK: Craft beer before Kong and The Lost City of Z


MONDAY, MAY 1 2017: Tacoma events + craft beer …

Blue Mouse + Peaks and Pints = Big ape and Big Juicy

The Grand Cinema + Parkway Tavern = Real-life explorer


Kong: Skull Island is a period piece set in 1973, with a band of Apocalypse Now-esque adventurers arriving at Skull Island and discovering the freaks of nature that reside there. What that means in practical terms is that Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of this crew encountered King Kong and his pals three years before the Dino De Laurentiis-dispatched team from 1976 landed on Skull Island in search of oil. Ergo, Jessica Lange’s entire career now never existed. And ergo ergo, all future episodes of FX’s Feud will consist of an hour of Susan Sarandon punching herself in the head. Listen, it makes sense to us. Anyway, Kong: Skull Island screens at 7 p.m. in the Blue Mouse Theatre.

PREFUNK: The art of lying is both a gift and a curse. You can get away with lying for a while, but eventually it will come back to haunt you. Or will it? No-Li Brewhouse sales executive Mike Lay wants to confuse you into hilarity. Every month Peaks and Pints invites a craft brewery to create a three-hour soundtrack off our Jukebox, pour its craft beer and award prizes during zany games. We call the Monday nights SudsPop. No-Li Brewhouse will host SudsPop every Monday night in May. At 6 p.m., try to decipher if Mike Lay is trying to deceive or confess while you drink the Spokane brewery’s Red White & No-Li Pale Ale and Big Juicy IPA. You might get confused, but you’re going to laugh like crazy.


Charlie Hunnam plays the one and only Percy Fawcett — the real-life explorer whose search for a vanished civilization in the Amazon culminated in his disappearance in 1925. The Lost City of Z is a dramatization of his quest currently stands at 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes … and 100 percent on National Geographic! Check it out at 2:30, 5:45 and 8:45 p.m. in The Grand Cinema.

PREFUNK: Breakside Brewery’s India Golden Ale is the lightest, hoppiest double IPA you’ll ever taste. Originally released in 2013 as a limited draft only special collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing, IGA is light in body, lighter in color, and huge in citrus flavor and aroma. India Golden Ale or “I.G.A.” is a showcase for Mosaic and Eldorado. Mosaic gives the beer a bright mix of stonefruit and tropical flavors along with a big piney backbone. Eldorados are fruity and soften the finish. Breakside keeps the malt bill incredibly simple to allow the hops to take center stage … until Parkway Tavern’s real-life explorer Sean Jackson messes with it. Breakside IGA is tonight’s quest at the Tacoma tavern’s Randall Monday Night. What ingredients will Jackson infuse with the IGA? Show up at 5 p.m. to discover the treasure.