Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Epic Day at Peaks and Pints

Ron Swarner


Epic-Day-At-Peaks-And-PintsEpic Day at Peaks and Pints

When Utah gave a loud burp in 2008 removing their strict liquor laws, entrepreneurs David Cole and Peter Erickson were able to pursue their longtime dream of opening Epic Brewing — a strong beer microbrewery in Salt Lake City, like those found in their home state of California. Having started an international aquaculture company in Utah in 1992, Cole and Erickson were no strangers to food and drink (and the art of making them well), so when they teamed up with acclaimed brewmaster and fellow beer geek Kevin Crompton, the trio immediately set to work brewing a carefully curated collection of strong ales and lagers. Epic disappointment set in when Epic Brewing beers disappeared from Washington state. It’s an Epic day at Peaks and Pints as the brewery’s beers are back.

CHASING GHOSTS IPA: Brewed with Pilsner Malt from Germany, American 2-row malt and flaked oats, this New England-style double IPA is double dry hopped with Citra and Cashmere. This beer is big but delightfully deceiving with its soft, fluffy mouthfeel. Cashmere hops bring a lot of fruit to the table. 10%

CITRALUSH IPA: Over-the-top use of late addition Citra and Mosaic hops gives this beer huge notes of sweet tropical fruit, citrus, and a subtle touch of Colorado dankness. 7%

OAK AND ORCHARD CABERNET SAUVIGNON SOUR: Packed to the brim with blackberries, black currants and cherries, this blend of fruit was inspired when Epic brewers took a whiff of the Sonoma Valley oak foeders that previous held Cabernet Sauvignon. The sour base of white wheat and spelt was aged in said foeders for more than eight months before the fruit addition. The result is cherry, currant, blackberry, moving to sourness, wood, light wine and a sour finish. 6.5%

SON OF BAPTIST COFFEE STOUT: Son of a Baptist, as the beer is called, is imperial coffee stout brewed with small batch coffee roasters for big coffee and espresso forward nose followed by all the coffee on the palate with lots of cacao nibs, dark fruit, and roasted malt notes. 8%