Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Craft Veer Crosscut 5.5.19: A Flight of Cinco Para Try-O

Ron Swarner


How much does Peaks and Pints loooove Cinco de Mayo? Every Fifth of May we bathe in salsa and ride a burro around Tacoma’s Proctor District handing out chimichangas and parasitic water. But even though Cinco de Mayo is dominated by idiots mainlining margaritas, it is, in fact, an actual holiday. Apparently, on May 5, 1862, a French army landed in Mexico to collect outstanding debts from the newly elected government of democratic president Benito Juarez. Well, there would be no dinero for those greedy dudes as 4,000 scrappy Mexicans beat the pommes frites out of the French army and protected their homeland. O-freaking-le! Today, it’s going to be different at Peaks and Pints. Way different. We present Craft Veer Crosscut 5.5.19: A Flight of Cinco Para Try-O. We’re throwing on a Tommy Bahama shirt and offering five alcoholic beverages that are not straight craft beer. Salud!

Craft Veer Crosscut 5.5.19: A Flight of Cinco Para Try-O

SeekOut-Cucumber-Juniper-TacomaSeekOut Cucumber + Juniper

5% ABV

SeekOut Real Hard Seltzer, a new brand from 2 Towns Ciderhouse, is crafted from real fruit and water, and nothing else, for a naturally flavorful and refreshing beverage. The alcohol for this seltzer (5 percent ABV) is from apples, so there’s some real substance behind it, not just fermented cane sugar water. Cool and refreshing, 2 Towns uses real fresh-pressed cucumber, finished with juniper berries to craft this refined hard seltzer. Made with water, apple wine, cucumber juice and juniper. That’s it!

No-Li-Day-Fade-Huckleberry-TacomaNo-Li Day Fade Huckleberry

5% ABV

No-Li Brewhouse has released Day Fade, a new line of hard seltzers. The first launch is the Day Fade Huckleberry Hard Seltzer, which will be followed by Day Fade Rainier Cherry Hard Seltzer in April. Day Fade Huckleberry has a rich and fruity nose of huckleberry, which a subtle sweetness to round out a drinking experience that is only 2 carbs and 100 calories, all while being 5 percent alcohol by volume.

2-Towns-Camp-Clementine-Tacoma2 Towns Camp Clementine

5.5% ABV

A clementine is a sweet orange-mandarin orange hybrid. It’s also easy to peel and very sweet, making the snack bring back first-grade lunchbox nostalgia. 2 Towns Ciderhouse offers an easy-drinking summer cider packed with California clementines and yellow Maracuyá passionfruit.

Moonlight-Meadery-Fling-TacomaMoonlight Meadery Fling

14% ABV

Moonlight Meadery‘s Fling semi-sweet mead is a ménage a trios between the honey, strawberries, and rhubarb. The aroma is fruity and sweet — it smells like strawberry, rhubarb, honey, and just a general dark berry aroma. Taste is similar to the aroma, with strawberry, rhubarb, honey, dark berries, earthy, floral and strawberry jam flavors. Both the aroma and taste are both fruity and sweet, lots of strawberry jammy flavors!

7-Seas-Water-Chopper-Gose-Tacoma7 Seas Gose-Mosa

4.8% ABV

The Mimosa is a classic cocktail — it’s delicious, boozy, and because of the low alcohol content, you can sip all day. The grenadine and grapefruit create a perfect balance of sweet and citrus while the Champagne on top lengthens the cocktail and contributes a beautiful effervescent mouthfeel. At Peaks and Pints, we serve gose-mosas. You’ve heard of gose. It’s German, a sour beer. Pronounced “Go-zuh,” like the thing that wrecked New York in Ghostbusters. Reported to be between 200 and 1,000 years old, it’s sour and salty, a low-ABV session beer, which means it won’t get you sauced. It’s a wheat beer that balances a sour twang from lactic acid-producing bacteria, a distinct salinity and a subtle floral spice from added coriander. It’s made with a souring process using a natural bacteria like what you’d find in yogurt. This provides a natural acidity; a really nice tartness that helps balance. It has a really clean and dry finish with a bit of salt. Our house gose-mosa is made with 7 Seas Brewing’s Water Chopper Gose and grapefruit juice.